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Here at DriveWorks we don’t just sell our products but we
are actively involved in the ongoing process of automating our company systems using
DriveWorks Pro and its wonderfully flexible form designer.

This week we will be introducing you to our charming
employee welcome form, lovingly created by the fantastic Rob Hayward.

This beautifully designed form, which is filled out by all
new employees, offers a brief introduction to the company and its regulations
along with a simple layout of the buildings and everyone in them!

The form isn’t just a brochure, it also allows our new employees to enter their details which are then automatically added to our CRM system providing an elegant solution for our new employees ,letting us tell them a little bit about we do and we hear a little about them.


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This is all achieved using the DriveWorks form creator which
gives us great flexibility in updating the form.

Creating something like this only takes a short amount of time but it gives us a fun, easy and accurate way to capture our employee information without having to manually enter the data in to CRM.

If you want to try your hand
at creating something like this for your business, why not take a look at DriveWorks Live and see a whole host of great form examples.  

If you think the forms that you have created in DriveWorks
are even nicer than ours (!) then why not send them over to us at and
maybe you’ll find yourself on our blog.


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