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Innovative use of DriveWorks Technology

DriveWorks has established itself as a world leader in Design Automation. Now, branching out
Homepage certinto the online Sales Configurator market, DriveWorks software is being used for exciting and innovative projects.

We have used DriveWorks internally to help us automate some of our processes. One of these
processes is the DriveWorks Certification. Previously we have used a different forms website to
create questionnaires and then manually checked the answers to see if they were correct. If the participant passed their certification it would be the responsibility of the Marketing and Admin team to manually create a certificate and add the information into all DriveWorks systems. This, as you can imagine, is very time consuming and of course there is potential for mistakes to be made during this process.

Also, if people were attempting to take the DriveWorks Technical Certifications they would have to request the brief and files through an email before they could begin their certification.

TestHowever, through using DriveWorks’ rules technology, we have now managed to create a DriveWorks Live Certification website. With the website being accessible 24 hours a day, it allows people anywhere in the world to take their certification, regardless of their time zone.

After completing the Product Knowledge Quiz, if successful, the participant will then immediately receive their certificate. This not only ensures that the person taking the certification is aware of their results immediately, it also frees up time for Marketing and Admin staff at DriveWorks and
eliminates the risk for mistakes to be made.

When the DriveWorks Technical training has been completed, our Pre-Sales engineer will be notified and organise a short meeting where the participant can present their project. When this is completed, its a simple matter of pressing pass or fail and the certificate will be automatically created and emailed, again freeing up the time of various different members of DriveWorks staff.



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