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In search of Elegance #3 DriveWorks Solo

Extract from Al Dean’s new series in Search of Elegance in Develop 3D #3 DriveWorks Solo
“The team has completely reworked the interface to build a system that runs within the SolidWorks UI. It steps you through the process of capturing a starting assembly, identifying the parameters and rules that drive the automation, then building a user interface on top of it, making it possible for anyone to jump into the system and create a customised product or sub-system, using performance and customer inputs, and have the system generate not only the 3D description, but also the supporting documentation in terms of drawings. None of the custom programming, none of the consultancy, none of the painstaking rework of existing products. It’s designed to be done by the designer or engineer and maintained by the same.”
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Al_Dean and Develop 3D covers

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