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Glen Smith, CEO DriveWorks Ltd – 3D Printing and Design Automation – a Marriage Made in Heaven?




SolidWorks World is a chance to see the latest innovations in SolidWorks and related CAD technologies. One of the technologies that is on the lips of every technology enthusiast the world over is 3D printing.

Looking to bridge the gap, and shorten the time, between CAD file and real life object, 3D printing is a promising technology that is beginning to make its way in to the mainstream.

In this presentation DriveWorks CEO Glen Smith explores the impact that DriveWorks Design Automation could have on the 3D printing industry. The presentation will also demo DriveWorks Pro and show how DriveWorks can be used to configure items for a 3D printer.

Glen has been developing DriveWorks and extolling the virtues of design automation for over a decade now so we hope that his enthusiasm for customisation, mass personalisation and 3D printing will inspire you to think of your own automated 3D printing ideas.

Glen will be presenting “3D Printing and Design Automation – A Marriage Made in Heaven?” in room 22, Tuesday, 1:30PM-2:30.

We recommend getting there early because the sessions get full.

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