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What Can You Do with a Free Trial of DriveWorks Solo?

DriveWorks Solo is a powerful Design Automation Add In for engineers using SOLIDWORKS.

Design engineers across many industries use DriveWorks Solo to reduce repetitive design tasks and automate the generation of new models in SolidWorks. It is also used by Sales Teams to respond quickly to sales enquiries.

You can try DriveWorks Solo FREE by downloading a 30 Day Trial from the DriveWorks Community.

DriveWorks Solocan be used to automate a SolidWorks Model or even just part of your SolidWorks Project.

Below are some ideas to help you get the most from your 30 Day Free Trial.


Follow the DriveWorks Training Tutorial

The first thing that you will want to grab along with your 30 Day Free Trial of DriveWorks Solo is the DriveWorks Solo Training Guide, available from the DriveWorks Community.

The guide includes all of the instructions needed to create a new project.

Download the DriveWorks Solo Training Tutorial.

Use the DriveWorks Community

The DriveWorks Community is the perfect place to connect with other DriveWorks users, customers and experts in the forums to get answers, share tips and find solutions.

You will need access to the DriveWorks Community to download the latest releases, service packs, how-to videos and the training tutorial.

Visit the DriveWorks Community.

Check out our YouTube Channel

Our How To Videos are really useful for any SolidWorks Engineer that wants to see whats involved in Design Automation.

We have several playlists guiding you through how to set up a new DriveWorks project, they provide a great reference point for your first 30 days and beyond.

Visit the DriveWorks YouTube Channel.

Attend a DriveWorks Solo Webinar

We host regular DriveWorks Solo Getting Started Webinars and DriveWorks Solo Online Training.

The Webinars are step by step guides to help you learn about DriveWorks Solo.

You will be able to ask questions and pick up handy tips and tricks.

Sign up now for our upcoming Webinars.

Download a Sample Project

The DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects are great practice and give you the opportunity to dissect a completed project.

You can see examples of rules, rules syntax, documentation and good form design.

Each of these Sample Projects comes with a useful walk-through video.

Download the DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects.

Use The Online Help File

Our Help File is packed with lots of information that you can use to help you throughout your 30 Day Trial and beyond.

You can find solutions for issues, best practices and tips and tricks.

The Help File even has a search function to help you find what you need.

Visit the DriveWorks Solo Help File.

Use the Little Book of Rules

The Little Book of Rules contains examples of the rules that you will need to automate your designs with DriveWorks Solo and a guide to some of the syntax you can use.

You can purchase the Little Book of Rules online or tell us what you have achieved with DriveWorks and we might even send you one!

Buy The Little Book of Rules.

Use the ROI Tool

The Return on Investment Tool will run through the costs and associated savings that can be made through using DriveWorks.

Not only does it take in to account the cost of purchasing the software but also the time it will take to implement the software and, of course, the time savings from automating the generation of new designs.

Use the DriveWorks ROI Tool.

What Next?

After following all of the above steps, you might be wondering What More You Can Do with DriveWorks Solo.

The answer is, take DriveWorks Solo to your Sales Team.

By creating customizable forms and adding more functions and variables in your rule building, together with advanced drawing-view capability and control, your Sales Team will benefit. They will be able to respond to sales enquiries quicker.

These are just some of the additional features that you can take advantage of in DriveWorks Solo.

See What More You Can Do.

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