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FRC – Three Ways to Build a Better Robot with DriveWorks Solo

Three Ways to Build a Better Robot with DriveWorks Solo (FOR FREE!!!)

For FIRSTRobotics Competition teams

We’re Supporting the FIRST速 Robotics 2023 Season

The FIRST速 Robotics 2023 Season has been launched. This year, the competition is sponsored by HAAS.

In the Charged Up challenge, FIRST速 Robotics Competition teams will unlock the power of engineering to transform renewable energy and power a better future.

As part of the FIRST速 Robotics Supplier Sponsorship, FIRST速 Robotics Competition Teams can request a free 12-month license of DriveWorks Solo.

Using DriveWorks Solo will help teams automate their repetitive SOLIDWORKS tasks and free up students and mentors to focus on quality robot design.

In addition to the software, students have access to resources to support their learning, including DriveWorks Solo Technical Webinars, Online Training, How-to Videos, Extensive Online Help Files and much more.

Learn how your FIRSTRobotics team can explore more design alternatives through automation to gain an edge over your competition

As a Diamond FIRST Robotics Competition sponsor, we’re proud to be offering all teams a free license of DriveWorks Solo for this season.

In January we hosted a live webinar showing how your team can benefit from automating your SOLIDWORKS models and how to build a better robot!

The webinar will covered:

What Is DriveWorks
Demonstration of Automating Robot Models in SOLIDWORKS
Demonstration of Automating Variable Parts for 3D Printing
Demonstration of Embedding Complex Calculations Inside of SOLIDWORKS
How to Get DriveWorks Solo (and more) for FREE

Missed the webinar? Catch up Here!

How can FIRST速 teams get support from us?

FIRST速 Robotics Competition Teams can request a license of DriveWorks Solo Design Automation Software for a period of one year.