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Explore DriveWorks Technology Under the Hood

DriveWorks Underlying Technology

DriveWorks design automation and online 3D configurator software allows you to create tools to streamline your design and business processes.

Over the years, we have added new features and functionality to meet a variety of business and industry needs.

Our software enables you to easily create your own configurators and business tools, specific to your processes and the way you work.

What makes all of this possible is our underlying technology.

Learn more about the underlying technologies that make DriveWorks a world-leading Design Automation and Sales Configurator software solution.

DriveWorks Technology Stack

Explore the core technologies that make up DriveWorks software. Our Tech Stack demos go behind the scenes of our powerful technology.

They are designed to introduce you to the core technologies. They have been created using DriveWorks, they are built on rules and use many other features from our technology capabilities.

Each Tech Stack looks at a particular aspect of our technology to help you understand what you can achieve with DriveWorks.

A lot of the intelligent technology happens behind the scenes, the Tech Stacks highlight things you may not notice in a normal demo and give you a look under the hood.

Explore the Tech Stacks to see what you can do with DriveWorks.

Explore Tech Stacks

Online Configurator Examples

Our product configurator examples are a great way to see what’s possible with DriveWorks, in a range of scenarios and industries.

Our configurator examples show how versatile and customizable DriveWorks is and provide great inspiration for your DriveWorks projects.

The software is not limited to what you see in our examples, with DriveWorks you build a custom solution that suits your needs and is easy to maintain and update.

We’ve recently added some new product configurator examples and updated some of our existing ones with new features and functionality from our latest release.

Have a go with our online examples, configure products and see what’s possible with DriveWorks.

Explore Configurator Examples

DriveWorks Sample Projects

The DriveWorks Sample Projects are complete projects set up to show how design automation can be applied.

Each one is ready to run inside SOLIDWORKS so you can explore how the project has been set up, learn more about rules and get a head start.

The sample projects are a great way to get started with design automation and using DriveWorks to create your first online sales configurator.

Pick the projects apart to discover how they have been set up or use them as a starting point for your own projects.

Our Technical Team has also created handy walk-through videos for each project. They’re a quick and easy way to demonstrate how to set up and run the projects, making it easier than ever for you to get started with DriveWorks.

Watch the video before downloading the projects, and then have a go with using them to configure your own custom products!

Explore Sample Projects

Explore Even More DriveWorks Content

Continue your DriveWorks learning using our learning resources and training materials.

Access them from anywhere at any time.

How to Videos

 Learn how to capture parameters in your SOLIDWORKS model, create great-looking forms for entering your design specifications and build rules to generate new variations automatically.

Explore How to Videos

Training Tutorials

Learn how to use DriveWorksXpress by following tutorials. The tutorials show different models so you can learn how to automate your own designs in SOLIDWORKS.

DriveWorksXpress Tutorials


Our range of webinars cover Getting Started with DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Solo all the way through to taking a closer look at specific aspects of DriveWorks functionality with DriveWorks Pro.

DriveWorks Webinars

Find Out More About DriveWorks

Get in touch with us to find out more about DriveWorks and take your first steps towards design automation and improving customer experiences.

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