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Exlar Corporation describes Design Automation Savings

Saving Time and Money through Design Automation was the subject of the presentation at SolidWorks World 2009 by Trevor Waldeland and Eric Summerfield of Exlar

The customer has the option to put any motor on this product line.

Because of this, there is a list of things that can vary with the motor plate. (shown in Orange)

  • Pulley center to center distance
  • Motor mounting screws bolt circle
  • Motor pilot diameter and depth
  • Size of the motor mounting screws

There are 2 steps to using Design Automation with DriveWorksXpress.

  1. Setting Up your project
  2. Running your project

So once you have decided what things can change, you identify and capture those things from your SolidWorks Model, make sure you have a drawing, create a form and build your rules.

Once that is done you simply fill out your form with the specification for your new variation.

Your new part will now have all the new dimensions we entered.
You can now create any new parts in the future in about 1 minute using the project you have set up in DriveWorksXpress

1. How long did it take to create variations before DriveWorksXpress?
30 minutes to 1 hour

2. How long did it take to set this project up in DriveWorksXpress?
2 hours

3. How long does it take now to create a new variation using DriveWorksXpress?
5 minutes

4. How many possible variations could there be?

5. How would you describe your experience of using DriveWorksXpress?
Really easy to setup and use. We are in the process right now of installing
the full version of DriveWorks because of the easy of use and time savings.

6. Have you shared your work with your colleagues?
Yes, all of our SolidWorks users has access to these files.

7. Will you be adding more products and rules?