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Everyday 3D Printing

Weve blogged a lot lately about the rapid speed in which 3D printing is innovating and how the possibilities seem relatively endless.

3D printing is not only innovating in huge, life-changing ways (like printing a functioning human heart) it is also attempting to solve everyday problems faced by a lot of people.

Laura Griffiths, Editorial Assistant at TCT Magazine has recently blogged about OwnPhones and their campaign.

They plan to raise $250,000 to start the development process of custom made, 3D printed earphones.

The earphones will be tailored to each individual who can scan their own ears using a mobile app. This means the earphones will be less likely to fall out of the users ear, will block outside noise and can be designed and personalised to each individual’s taste.

You can read more about these earphones and the campaign that features on Kickstarter on the TCT blog.

Make sure you pick up a copy of TCT magazine for even more stories like this.

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