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End of DriveWorks CPD Q1 – Today!

Rewarding Certified DriveWorks Professionals for their hard work.

The DriveWorks Continual Professional Development Program was introduced to help DriveWorks Reseller AE’s and Partners to learn more about DriveWorks and keep their technical knowledge up to date to support DriveWorks usersin the best way possible.

Once they become a Certified DriveWorks Professional, all Reseller Applications Engineers and Partners have the opportunity to take part in the CPD Program.

Every time the certified professionals complete an activity that helps them to maintain their technical knowledge, e.g watch a DriveWorks Webinar, they can register the tasks to earn credits. These credits are counted each quarter and prizes are given to those at the top of the leader board.

All of the credits are collected and counted by a DriveWorks Pro project.

So far, we’ve had some great results. Last year, Rob Kite from UK Reseller, Solid Solutions Management reached the top of the leaderboard, followed by Dave Mandl from Graphics Systems, USA and in 3rd place was Paul Gimbel from US DriveWorks Partner, Razorleaf.

Today is the end of the first quarter of this year’s CPD Program. So far this quarter over 2400 credits have been registered, that’s a lot of Webinars watched!

The top of the leader board is very close and many of our Certified DriveWorks Professionals are within touching distance of the top spot.

So, for everyone involved in the DriveWorks CPD program, today is the last chance to register your credits for this quarter.

Register them now and you might end up in the top spot!

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