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NEW Look & Improved Search – DriveWorks Pro Online HelpFile

Here at DriveWorks, we want information on using the software to be as available and accessibleaspossible and the DriveWorks Pro HELP file has beenONLINE for some time.

Over the past2 years it has also grown and grown and isa valuable resourcethat we use internally too. However,we were conscious that althoughit contained awealth ofuseful information – findingthe relevantinformation was not such an easy or obvious task.

Lead Developer, Philip, explains more in his blog post ‘Helping us to help you’,and we all felt the search facilities had not been quite up to scratch – “try searching for something like Data Management or Instances for example, and you can prepare to settle down with a coffee and wade through a list of results whose relevance is at best questionable.”

After all of the hard work that goes into the creating the documentation, it was time to make sure that this valuable resource was as user-friendly as possible, so the Development team got to work!

And here it is:

Helpfile newThe overall look of the Help File has been updated and refreshed along with a new excellent search facility, which can work as follows:





1. Hit the search button






2. Type in your item to search – in this case – data management

Data management





3. Straight away you are given a selection of pages,and (with thenew updated version)starting with the most relevant!

Search results







Just threestraightforward steps and you’ve found the page you wanted!

Initially weset up a beta site and asked forfeedback, then Philip made thesite Live. And it doesn’t stop there, as always, we’re still keen to hear if we can make it better. If you have any suggestions or feedback then just click on the ‘send feedback’ button at the top of every page.






Happy searching!




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