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Funk Up Your Forms (Part 2) Webinar – 6th September

Funk Up Your Forms (Part 2) Webinar – 6th September

August 31st, 2012 / Posted by Maria Sarkar

This next webinar in the DriveWorks Marathon series is the follow up to Funk Up Your Forms Part 1. Funk up forms part 2

It will look in more detail how to create great-looking, user-friendly forms in DriveWorks Pro. Funk Up Your Forms Part 2 looks at: how to re-skin the child specification control using images, and new in-form transitions.

The webinar will cover some frequently asked questions and tips and tricks from the DriveWorks
Technical team.

Don’t miss out! Sign up for your spot through:

The DriveWorks Reseller Community – for all DriveWorks VARs

The DriveWorks User Community – for all DriveWorks Users with a valid subsciption support contract

P.S. DriveWorks Resellers and Customers on Subscription Support can also access the recording of Funk Up Your Forms Part 1 through these communities!

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