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DriveWorksXpress. Not Just for complete products.

DriveWorks is a great tool for automating same but different design and we are proud of our industry leading software, but DriveWorks isn’t just for complete product design.

DriveWorksXpress allows you to automate any part of your Solidworks design, giving you the flexibility to automate time consuming and repetitive tasks, simplifying your design process, and enabling you to use your time more efficiently.

Before usingDriveWorksXpress designing something such as this Standard Machine Sub-base or leg support would take 30 minutes, with DriveworksXpress this task takes just 1 minute allowing you to focus your time on the more complex aspects of your design:


Standard Machine Sub Base

Standard Machine Sub Base Time Saved 30 > 1 Minute

Leg Supports

Leg Supports Time Saved 30 > 3 Minutes

DriveworksXpress comes free with every seat of Solidworks so you can start automating any part of your product design today!

Stay tuned to this blog for even more tips on how DriveWorks can save you time and streamline your design process.

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