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DriveWorks World 2023 Customer Stories

DriveWorks World brings together our users from around the world. The interaction and knowledge sharing from our users make the event a hugely valuable event, so thank you for joining us and joining in at this year’s event! So much valuable knowledge was shared over the three-day event by the DriveWorks Team and our community of Resellers, Partners, and Customers.

DriveWorks software is used by companies from a range of industries. DriveWorks is modular, scalable, and incredibly versatile so our customers use DriveWorks in many different ways, building their own Design Automation and CPQ solutions to suit their needs.

We enjoyed hearing from so many of our customers at DriveWorks World 2023, sharing how they’re using the software and inspiring each other.

Below is a summary of the customers we heard from throughout DriveWorks World 2023.
Don’t forget if you missed any of these sessions, you can watch them back in the DriveWorks World 2023 Event App.

Dorner Manufacturing

Trading all over the world including in the US, Asia and Europe, Dorner Manufacturingspecializes in built-to-order conveyors.

Dorner presented DTools, the front-end sales configurator they have built using DriveWorks. Dorner’s team talked about the process of creating their configurator and the ease of using DriveWorks to create it.

They showed us how they updated this configurator and their plans for the future. We also saw how Dorner has integrated DriveWorks with their ERP system. Throughout the presentation, the team at Dorner shared their top tips, which were gratefully received by attendees.


WEMA GmbH, based in Germany, manufactures electrical resistance heaters and insulation for industrial applications, as well as system parts for moulds for the plastic processing industry.

For this presentation, Tobias Grebe, DriveWorks Product Manager at DriveWorks reseller, Coffee GmbH joined us to introduce WEMA.

Steven Bracke, Head of Virtual Construction at WEMA GmbH at WEMA showed us how they created their sales configurator using DriveWorks. It has allowed them to minimize their error rate during the design and manufacturing processes. Steven also talked about the support they have received from Tobias and the team at Coffee.


PMF solutionsare a manufacturer of customized industrial solutions based in Switzerland. Before DriveWorks, PMF was receiving several requests for similar products. They wanted an online configuration solution to reduce repetitive sales work and to keep up with online shopping trends.

They decided DriveWorks was the correct solution for them because they already used SOLIDWORKS, they wanted instant 3D previews and because of how easy it is to use. They have taken a scalable approach to build their DriveWorks projects, starting small and building up over time. This approach has seen them move quickly with their DriveWorks projects and reap the benefits immediately.


For this presentation, we were joined by one of our Authorized DriveWorks Services Partners, Ingenieria SAMAT. They told us about how they have been helping ESLA set up their DriveWorks implementation.

ESLAis a manufacturer of ladders, work platforms, and mobile scaffoldings in Spain.

They have used DriveWorks to create a configurator which has meant that all their processes are controlled, and errors are reduced.

Using DriveWorks, they have been able to raise the percentage of accepted quotations and streamlined their manufacturing process. They have focused on creating a great user experience and used DriveWorks 3D features to make it easy for anyone to configure custom ESLA products.

F. H. Brundle

Just before DriveWorks World, some of our team headed down the motorway to visitF.H.Brundle. They are UK-based wholesalers of steel products which include a market-leading range of handrail and balustrade systems.

Our team recorded an interview with some of the F.H. Brundle team and we played this during the DriveWorks World livestream. F.H.Brundle explained they wanted a solution that would allow internal teams, customers, and distributors to configure balustrade systems to their own dimensions online, then automatically receive order-specific quotes and technical drawings in minutes.

Liveconfigurator is F.H.Brundlesonline 3D configurator which provides quotes and full technical drawings for each custom order.

Bruno Independent Living Aids

Bruno Independent Living Aids is a family-owned company based in the US, that specializes in producing products that help people to live more independently, including stair lifts, scooter lifts, and platforms.

Bruno Independent Living Aids currently has 5 main DriveWorks projects that they are successfully using to save time during their design process.

They have integrated DriveWorks with their ERP system so they can communicate better between teams and eliminate errors.

Bruno have also had great feedback from customers about their new drawings that are generated using DriveWorks.


UK basedExtronicsspecialize in developing and manufacturing equipment for use in hazardous areas. They serve customers all over the world in a range of industries such as oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and mining.

Nick Saunders, Operations Director, explained how the company are using DriveWorks technology to improve their business processes. He shared how they began using DriveWorks to automate CAD as a first win, before implementing a DriveWorks product configurator for Extronics highly configurable range of products. Nick also took us through how they have integrated DriveWorks software with their ERP and PLM systems.

Twin City Fan

Twin City Fanis an industry leading designer and manufacturer of fans, ranging from heavy-duty industrial process fans, to OEM fans. They create customizable fan solutions and have a wide range of product offerings.

Shawn Pantzke, Principle Engineer, told us about how the company are using DriveWorks and how it has benefitted them. Shawn explained some of the technical detail about how they are using hash in DriveWorks to hash the parameterization of their parts into a single string to store in their database, and how it is also integrated into their PDM add-in to get a serial number to give parts a numeric name.

Jackson Electrical Industries

Based in New Zealand,Jackson Electrical Industriesare a supplier of industrial power applications and portable power solutions.

Christopher Siriphone, Project Engineer at Jackson Electrical Industries was welcomed to the event by Ahmed Lasheen, DriveWorks Technical Territory Manager for AsiaPac. Christopher shared how Jackson Electrical Industries is is using DriveWorks 3D technology on their configurable electrical boxes.

Christopher took us through a demo of their 3D product preview and how changes can be easily implemented into the design.

Tool Alliance

Based in California,Tool Alliance manufacture a range of cutting tools. Wade Anderson from SOLVESHOP and Dave Dewey from Base 10 Consultants both supported Tool Alliance through integrating DriveWorks. They were also joined by Mathieu Tapp, Director of Business Development at Tool Alliance. Their presentation explained how Tool Alliance have used DriveWorks to create ‘Speeds and Feeds Calculator’ online, using DriveWorks to solve and deploy complex solutions.

ORBIS Corporation

ORBIS Corporation is a material handling and packaging manufacturer based in the US, operating globally.

Vince Riha, Mechanical Engineer at ORBIS, took us through how the company is using DriveWorks and how they have integrated with SQL. Vince showed us how they are reading and writing data within DriveWorks and the DriveWorks tools they are using to read the database, and set the values of form controls, constants, tables, and other components.

Watch Back Live Sessions

All of the live sessions at DriveWorks World 2023 were recorded, including the customer presentations.
The sessions are available to watch back within the event app.

Catch up on all of the knowledge shared during the panel discussions, project run-throughs, workshops, and expert Q&As throughout the event.

If you missed any of the sessions, or want to watch them again, youll find the recordings in the Watch Live Sessions On-Demand area of the DriveWorks World 2023 Event App.

Tell Us How You Use DriveWorks

We love hearing how our customers are using DriveWorks software. Sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences is a key part of being part of the DriveWorks community. It helps us learn how our users are using the software, and provides an opportunity for our customers to learn from and inspire each other.

If you would like to share how you use DriveWorks, let us know.

We feature DriveWorks Customer Stories on our blog and website, or as presentations at DriveWorks World or DriveWorks Drivers. The next DriveWorks Drivers meeting is in June, register here to join us and hear more customer stories.