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DriveWorks World 2015 Round Up

A week of learning, announcements and networking in Chicago.

What a busy month March has been!
March saw the release of DriveWorks 12, a rare solar eclipse, a visit to DEVELOP3D Live and of course, our annual training event, DriveWorks World.

We had a really great time in Chicago – thank you to all of our Resellers and Partners for supporting us and most importantly thank you to our Customers for making the event such a great success.

We couldn’t have done DriveWorks World without any of our fabulous sponsors.
Huge thanks to:
Graphics Systems

Not forgetting thanks to our special guest, Michelle Boucher from Tech-Clarity.
Michelle joined us for the main DriveWorks World event on Thursday to present an Analyst’s Review of Improving Company Profitability.
After her presentation, Michelle got the chance to meet DriveWorks users and learn how they themselves, have improved company profitability using DriveWorks.

We’ve received some great feedback from all attendees and we are already using the comments to plan for DriveWorks World 2016 in Europe- we hope to see you there!

“The DriveWorks team impressed. Great people, terrible jokes (#sarcasm) and very friendly. By the end of it all I was convinced that I was stepping into a wonderful community of developers, administrators and thinkers.”

On Thursday evening, everyone’s hard work during the training and certification was rewarded with dinner, drinks and awards. Everyone who attended really enjoyed the night…

“The open bar was a nice surprise”

It was very fun, and the right amount of casual.

“Relaxed atmosphere. Buffet style was definitely more effective than a seated meal for encouraging people to move around and mingle. “

“I attended Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, I thought it was very well planned and informative.”

Nice job! I found this to be a very enlightening experience. This week really highlighted the capabilities of DriveWorks and the potential for use in all facets of our business. Thank you!

“The entire atmosphere was inviting”

The event was very well organized and the content was extremely valuable. The DriveWorks team is phenomenal!

“I was a DriveWorks virgin and I kept up. Struck a good balance, documents were outstanding. Pacing was perfect”

Again tell the Team they were great and I had a fun time getting to know everyone, we had a lot of great conversations even after the scheduled events were over.

“I liked the beer and company – was a great time”

The food was very good, and the casual atmosphere was just right.

“The awards were amusing, the drinks were great, and talking with different customers was valuable.”

I liked the relaxed social atmosphere and humour provided for a fun night.

“Enjoyed the time to sit and talk with other users and exchange information about how DriveWorks benefits them. Good food too!”

It was a good chance to meet/discuss with others in the DW user community. Glen’s humorous presentation of awards was also quite amusing.

“It was so laid back and fun”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and undoubtedly will be attending the next, Thanks DriveWorks team!”

I appreciate the enthusiasm you express for your cause and your constant innovation.

Great Job, both the content and networking opportunities.

“I really appreciate the work you did at DriveWorks World 2015, Job well done!”

The team at DriveWorks was awesome at all levels. Thank you.

“The food was great and it was a great time to chat with other people.”

For me personally, the format was perfect for the way I learn (short-ish lessons immediately followed by a chance to implement what was presented). Wouldn’t change a thing!

“There were no celebrities or big names. I have to admit that I truly prefer the “let’s be relevant and actually get to the content” approach that DriveWorks World utilizes. Having actual users present is definitely preferable.”

The work you are doing is great!

Food was excellent, Great crew at DriveWorks

“Very light-hearted.”

The food was very good, and the casual atmosphere was just right.

I had lots of fun and enjoyed the additional opportunity to get to know a little more about other attendees.

“Great food and it was a good time to meet new people.”

Great food and it was a good time to meet new people.

“Hanging out with my customers and got to know other DriveWorks users. Fun all around”

Casual atmosphere with alcohol, what’s not to like?

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