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DriveWorks Specification Flow Fundamentals Webinar – 16th August

The curtain was drawn on the London 2012 Olympics on Sunday evening, but the DriveWorks Webinar Marathon continues!

Sign up for the 3rd webinar – DriveWorks Specification Flow Fundamentals. Specflow

Specification flow is a feature in DriveWorks that gives you the ability to fully customize the DriveWorks specification process.

We often refer to it as Who, What and When.

Out of the box, new projects in DriveWorksare created with a default specification flow which guides a specification through four basicstates – Running (i.e. the user is filling out forms in the specification), Saved, Pending, and Completed.

Each one of these states has links to certain other states which the end-user uses to move from one state to another. These links between states are called transitions.Each state also has certain operationsthat can be performed on it, but which do not move to another state.

DriveWorks provides the ability to add and remove any states, transitions, and operations, so that you can setup the specification process to workhow you want it for your product and your workflow.

This webinar will cover the core concepts of DriveWorks Specification Flow. We will also create a simple Specification Flow toillustrate these concepts.

Sign Up for your spot through:

The DriveWorks Reseller Community – for all DriveWorks VARs

The DriveWorks User Commnity – for all DriveWorks Users with a valid subsciption support contract


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