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DriveWorks Solo – Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects
are a great way for you to test out DriveWorks functionality.

Here is an already built project for a Hydaulic Cylinder that youcan use today. If you have SolidWorks installed, and if you have DriveWorks Solo installed, then you can use this DriveWorks Solo Sample Project to automatically configurecustomCylinders. The project generatesthe SolidWorks 3D part and assembly files as well as relevant drawings and quote.

Once installed you can RUN the project (outlined below) and you can also go in to the Project Designer to see how we set up the project. You will be able to view examples of the rules that we created, the controls we added to the forms and much much more.

Step 1


Download and install the DriveWorks Solo Hydraulic Cylinder Project from the DriveWorks Solo website.

You will find quick and easy installation instructions on the website so that the project willbe accessible in the DriveWorks Solo Task Pane inside SolidWorks.












10-09-2013 16-30-18



Step 2

Enter in
details for the name and where you would like the files related to the project to be stored. This can be anywhere in your file structure and will contain all the documents produced. Once you have done this Click finish.







Step 3

10-09-2013 16-36-27Begin designing your Hydraulic Cylinder by clicking on the Run Project button in the task pane.






Step 4

10-09-2013 16-38-18Now you can configure your Hydraulic Cylinder by enteringyour details and selecting the options you require on the form.

























Step 5

From this

Why not try changing the PSI range to be more than4000. DriveWorks lets you use rules in the background, so when this project was setup, rules were set up so that Tie Rods are added to the design if the PSI range selected is above 4000.In this example the picture changes to reflect our selections andof course when we are ready to create our actual model that will update too!


To this











Step 6

10-09-2013 16-47-43






Nextmove on to customize the Clevis.Notice here too how feedback on the form updates as you change your selections.












Step 7
10-09-2013 16-51-09





Now we have configured the design we can begin to either select a customer from the pre-selected customer list or we can add a new customer to the list.













Step 8

10-09-2013 16-50-52
The final form provides asummary of the selections and information entered.

Once you are happy with this information click Finish.

















Step 9

You can decide which drawings and documents you would like DriveWorks Solo to generate for you. ClickFinish and DriveWorks Solo will start creating all the files automatically for you.



10-09-2013 16-56-14


DriceWorks drawing


Driveworks files

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