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DriveWorks Live! – Electrical Enclosure

The Electrical Enclosureexampleyet again shows off the versatilitythat can be built in to aDriveWorks ProConfigurator Project.Our Electrical Enclosure projectcan now be run on a whole host of different devices with the 3D preview available for Windows RT, x86 and x64 as well as Android and iOS.

Feature 1 – Rules and Tables


Electrical enclosure
WithDriveWorksrules poweringyour forms, you can see that the form dynamically changes to present different options for different selections. This ensures that the person filling out the form is directed tothe correct choices. In this example, the rule is set to display customers from the company entered in to the selection field, as DriveWorks pulls this data from an external table.

Feature 2 – Dynamic 3D



DriveWorks can dynamically create 3D visualisations of theselected items, providing powerful feedback in a sales environment. In this example, the Enclosures 3D model is updated each time a new product selction is made. Not at the computer? Notaproblem.DriveWorks 3Dvisualisations can also beviewed on alliOS and Android tabletand mobile devices too.

Feature 3 – Advanced Configuration, Simple Selections


Enclusure advanced congfig
DriveWorks Pro,Administrator,Autopilot and Live, provide you with the power to configure even the most advanced products. But behind the appealing visualisation lies a powerful configurator that allows your customers to select the products that they want without having to bamboozle them. Using the DriveWorks forms editor you can even create forms like this which allow your customers to visually add new products to their configuration.
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