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DriveWorks Live – Configure a Hydraulic Cylinder

Using DriveWorks to configure a Hydraulic Cylinder really shows off the versatility of DriveWorks Pro. With manythousands of peoplein the cylinder manufacturing industry, this example provides a look at how anyone can use DriveWorks to configure new products on any device and get a dynamically produced quote and 3d visualisation of the product.

Feature 1 – Powerful Rules engine


With DriveWorks rules poweringthe forms, you can see that the form dynamically changes to present different options for different selections, ensuring that your customers always make the correct choices.

Feature 2 – 3D on any device


DriveWorks dynamically creates 3D visualisations of the product that your customer selects allowing them to see in full detail their product. Not at your computer? No problem. DriveWorks 3D visualisations can be viewed oniOS andAndroid tablet and mobile devices too.

Feature 3 – Documents

Documents GIF

DriveWorks can also produce a whole host of different documents from eDrawings to Bills of Materials. DriveWorks Live can generate drawings and then deliver them in seconds. This process only takes a short amount of time and can greatly increasesales and engineering efficiency.

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