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DriveWorks Glen Smith Software Updates Featured in DEVELOP3D Magazine

Read Glen’s Software Updates Feature in November’s DEVELOP3D Magazine

In this month’s DEVELOP 3D magazine, DriveWorks CEO Glen Smith talks about software updates: When you should go for it when you should hold back, and how you should decide which version is the ‘right’ version for your organisation.

This is part of a series of articles by Glen that will be featured every month in the DEVELOP3D magazine.

In the November edition of DEVELOP3D, Glen talks about the importance of software updates and the risk if software is not kept up to date.

Glen explains the problems and risks that come with using outdated software. Drawing on the NHS Tack and Trace programme in the UK as an example, Glen points out what can go wrong when using old, unsupported file formats and the best practice to avoid this.

Using an old, unsupported file format doesnt just risk data loss, as weve seen here. It can also be a massive security risk.

Software and hardware may be updated regularly with shiny new features to draw us in, but the security improvements they contain are often even more important.

Its about making an educated decision. If a new version has features that will save you time, then upgrade it.

DEVELOP3D Magazine is free to read online, read the full article on page 17.