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DriveWorks Drivers March 2022 Meeting Round up

We were really excited to reconnect with our users for the first DriveWorks Drivers virtual networking meeting of the year last week!

Connecting DriveWorks Users

Since starting DriveWorks Drivers in 2020, we have been pleased to see the community and the enthusiasm around DriveWorks grow even further. We enjoy having the space to get our customers, resellers, and partners together, sharing knowledge and having the chance to present concepts and ideas in practice. DriveWorks Drivers gives users from around the world the opportunity to connect and talk about all things DriveWorks. DriveWorks Drivers helps our users get the most out of their software and the community.

DriveWorks Drivers is hosted via Microsoft Teams at both 3pm (GMT) and 9pm (GMT). Hosting at different times means that our global community has the opportunity to join at a time that suits them.

March 10th DriveWorks Drivers Meetings

On March 10th, we hosted our first DriveWorks Drivers meetings of the year. During these meetings, we hosted resellers from France and New Zealand to share DriveWorks Tips & Tricks. We had almost 80 users registered for these meetings and some really good discussions were had on some of the technical insights being offered.

3pm (BST)

9pm (BST)

DriveWorks World 2022 Preview

The countdown is on for our annual technical event, DriveWorks World.

We kicked off the March 10th DriveWorks Drivers meeting with a special preview video of DriveWorks World.

The video provided a quick glimpse into how we are getting ready for our 2-day, live streaming event scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, March 30th and 31st.

It also gave some tips on how you can Get Ready for the event.

During DriveWorks World, Heather and Bridie will host DriveWorks World TV where we will bring technical presentations as well as customer stories, and of course, What’s New presentationsto everyone over the course of the event.

Guest Presenters

Guest presentations are a big part of all DriveWorks Drivers meetings. We know how important it is for our users to connect and share ideas, tips and tricks with each other. We welcomed two DriveWorks guest presenters to this session.

3pm (GMT) Tips & Tricks Session

Christophe Demuynck, Visiativ

Christophe created a form to use as an interactive way to share some DriveWorks Tips & Tricks with the group. By creating this form, he was able to show best practices on what to do as well as what not to do in their forms.

Christophe demonstrated using the Rule Profiler as a tool to help give users insight on rule specific error debugging and performance enhancements.

He also showed the benefit of using form controls such as MyName and MyNumber.

A screenshot of Ahmed Lasheen's 9pm DriveWorks Drivers meeting in March 2022

9pm (GMT) Tips & Tricks Session

Ahmed Lasheen, InterCAD

Ahmed profiled several customer examples to share some great DriveWorks Tips & Tricks with the group during our 2nd session of DriveWorks Drivers.

Ahmed shared several examples of the 3D Technologies available in DriveWorks such as 3D Preview and 3D Path.

He also shared his own examples of how the MyName and MyNumberform controls can be are helpful.

Discussion on Future Topics

As we start planning additional DriveWorks Drivers meetings, it was great to engage in a discussion with our users to hear more about what they may like to see at our meetings. The goal of DriveWorks Drivers has always been to help connect DriveWorks users from around the world and to have them drive the meeting. Getting feedback from our users is key to achieving this goal.
Based on the feedback received, we will be working on future DriveWorks Drivers meetings that may focus on some of these areas:

Customer Stories, Tips & Tricks, Project Presentations, The DriveWorks Forum, API Presentations
3D Technology, CPQ and Beginner/New User Presentations

If you have an idea for a future DriveWorks Drivers meeting, let us know.

See you all at our next DriveWorks Drivers meeting on June 16th!

What’s Next?

DriveWorks World 2022 is later this month!

Join us on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st March for this year’s virtual DriveWorks World.

The most valuable DriveWorks event in your calendar, with two full days of knowledge sharing, networking and a showcase of What’s New in DriveWorks 20.

If you haven’t already, register for the event and explore the full agenda.