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DriveWorks Challenge 4 Recap

For DriveWorks Challenge 4we asked you to develop the best use of SVG images in DriveWorks. You could either use the project we provided to create the best SVG image or use the project to create the best use case for SVG images.

DriveWorks Challenge 4 – The Winning Solutions

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who took part. We had some very creative submissions, with some participants really going to town. It was really great to see the effort that had gone into all of the submissions.

And the DriveWorks Challenge 4 winners are…

Zach Long and Bill Murch. Congratulations to both of them! They had excellent creative entries and we are very happy to recognize them as DriveWorks Challenge 4 winners.

What’s next? Challenge 5…

For DriveWorks Challenge 5 we’re asking you to develop a new and creative (or familiar) way to select multiple items. Take our DriveWorks Challenge 5 salad configurator and show us how you would give the user the ability to select multiple salad toppings.

You can use the project provided or create your own OR allow users to select and unselect multiple options.

Start DriveWorks Challenge 5 today

DriveWorks Challenge 5 welcomes participants of all DriveWorks skill levelsno need for engineering, IT, or SOLIDWORKS expertise.

Feel free to spend as much or as little time as you want (average time is about 30 minutes), but you can go at your own pace.

Don’t forget, the deadline for prize submissions is April 11th with the winners being announced live at DriveWorks World 2024.

We’ll be showcasing some of the submissions throughout DriveWorks World, so it’s the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your DriveWorks skills in front of a global audience.

How to Join the DriveWorks Challenge 5

Follow 3 simple steps to join the DriveWorks Challenge 5

Log In to the DriveWorks Learning Portal

Head to the MyDriveWorks Community and log into the Learning Portal. The Learning Portal includes learning courses about a variety of topics. Its also home to the DriveWorks Challenge. If you dont yet have an account, its quick, easy and free to create one.

Follow the DriveWorks Challenge Instructions

The DriveWorks Challenge course in the Learning Portal guides you through the steps required to join the challenge.

Theres a video and a downloadable brief, along with all the files you need.

Upload Your Drive Package Submission

Once you have made all of your changes to the provided project, zip your Drive Package up and upload it on the final page of the DriveWorks Challenge course.

Thats it, youre in!

Join Us at DriveWorks World 2024 to See Some of the DriveWorks Challenge 5 Submissions

Have you registered for DriveWorks World 2024? DriveWorks World is a value-added virtual event, hosted by DriveWorks experts.

Its a celebration of innovation, knowledge sharing, and technical expertise free for DriveWorks Customers with Active Subscription, Resellers, and Partners to attend.

We are going to be highlighting some of the DriveWorks Challenge 5 submissions throughout DriveWorks World so register for your place today to be a part of it.