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DriveWorks Challenge 3 Winners

DriveWorks Challenge 3 Recap

For DriveWorks Challenge 3 the participants were tasked with creating a new component to optimize the cutting of pipe segments for Premier Piping, a fictional but forward-thinking piping system design company.

As a reminder, the challenge objective was to leverage the power of DriveWorks to minimize waste by determining the optimal way to cut pipe segments from raw 250m stock pipes.

The Winning Solutions

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who took part. The competition was fierce, with participants showcasing an impressive blend of creativity, technical prowess, and problem-solving insight.

The winners of DriveWorks Challenge 3 have designed solutions that promise to revolutionize the way that Premier Piping approaches pipe-cutting optimization.

Watch this video to see Paul Gimbel, DriveWorks Sherpa, reveal the overall winners of the challenge…congratulations to them all!

What’s next?

The excitement doesn’t end here! Mark your calendars for the upcoming DriveWorks Drivers meeting on December 7th, where we will reveal the details of DriveWorks Challenge 4.

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We will be hosting the meetings on Thursday, 7th December at 3pm NZDT and 3pm GMT so please join us at whichever time suits you best!

The meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams and will last around 60 minutes.