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DriveWork’s Biggest Coffee Afternoon

So, last week was the official Macmillan ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ event. Unfotunately we weren’t available to hold a coffee morning then, but that was not going to stop us! Mac

Tomorrow, Friday 7th October DriveWorks will be holding their ‘DriveWorks Biggest Coffee Afternoon!’ It will be nice and simple, just good coffee and tea, plenty of HOMEMADE cakes and snacks and opportunities to enter the Macmillan prize draw and DriveWorks Raffle!

100_4053The cakes are baking, the coffee is brewing, so now it’s just time to get out thereand raise some good money! A post will follow to let you know how successful we were, how much we raised, and who was the lucky winner of the DriveWorks Raffle!

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