DriveWorks and Design Automation in a Virtual World

DriveWorks and Design Automation in a Virtual World

October 4th, 2009 / Posted by Maria Sarkar

For years I have been telling my friend Joanna (who lives 200 miles away from me) that one day we will have a virtual dinner party. We will agree a time for dinner, we will agree to cook the same food and we will both have 52″ screens in our homes. At the agreed time she and I (with our LOCAL guests) will log on to our virtual dinner party. Visual and Audio technolgies will create the illusion that we are all seated around the table together – enjoying great conversation, spontaneous banter and a few bottles of red.

And what of today?… Well today i am testing our Virtual Booth for SolidWorks Asia Pacific Innovation Day …. a Virtual Event! Here is our booth… We will be showing DriveWorks Solo – Design Automation INSIDE SolidWorks 🙂

Driveworks booth
How cool is THAT! Why not pay us a visit.

The only downside is that i will be logging on at 4am my time to chat!

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