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DriveWorks and Design Automation in a Virtual World

For yearsI have been telling my friend Joanna (who lives 200 miles away from me) that one day we will have a virtual dinner party. We will agree a time for dinner, we will agree to cook the same food and we will both have 52″ screens in our homes. At the agreed timeshe and I(with our LOCAL guests) will log on toour virtual dinner party. Visual and Audio technolgies will create the illusion that we are all seated around the table together – enjoying great conversation, spontaneous banter and a few bottles of red.

And what of today?… Well today i am testing our Virtual Booth for SolidWorks Asia Pacific Innovation Day …. a Virtual Event! Here is our booth… We will be showing DriveWorks Solo – Design Automation INSIDE SolidWorks

Driveworks booth
How cool is THAT! Why not pay us a visit.

The only downside is that i will be logging on at 4am my time to chat!

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