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DriveWorks 3D Document Type Webinar – 1st November

The next webinar in the DriveWorks Marathon series is: DriveWorks3D Document Typeon 1st November 2012 at 4pm(BST).

How can you get the most out of using 3D Preview on your forms?
3d workshop

This webinar will take an in-depth look at how you can use DriveWorks to display 3D content on your forms in browser. This capability can provide WOW factor on the web and deliver real competitive advantage.Our webinarwill look at how to set up3D preview to allow the swapping of files, changing of appearances, using SolidWorks to generate new files, and tips on improving performance on the web.

Don’t miss out! Sign up for your spot through:

The DriveWorks Reseller Community – for all DriveWorks VARs

The DriveWorks User Community – for all DriveWorks Users with a valid subsciption support contract



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