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Developers Only Drink Great Beer…

It’s no secret that the DriveWorks team are passionate about beer, you only have to look back at photos from our summer party, airport visits andDriveWorks World, to see that beer is quite a common theme!

Whilst most of the team are more than happy with a Budweiser, there are two members of our team who take beer way more seriously…

Meet two of our developers, Danny and Ben.

Since February this year, between them they have tried 394 different craft beers.

They have been sharing beer recommendations with each other, as well as reviewing and rating these beers on Untappd, a social network for craft beer enthusiasts like themselves.



You can only imagine Danny and Ben’s excitement when we told them about a DriveWorks customer and their work with Oskar Blues, a craft beer brewery.

BW Container Systems is a global packaging machinery firm serving the food, beer and beverage, wine and spirits, personal care, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and household products industries.

In order to continue to evolve product lines, meet market needs and exceed customer expectations, they use DriveWorks to automatically generate models and drawings, and to automatically populate their database.

When Oskar Blues needed a palletizer, they chose BW Container Systems to supply it. They knew BW had a great reputation and they had previously purchased another machine from them.

BW were also able to create a palletizer that met Oskar Blues’ exact needs and footprint.

The brewery have achieved great results with their new BW palletizer and are able to produce 100 cases in 9 minutes, with square pallets created every time, without taking up as much employee time and with no heavy lifting involved.

Danny and Ben had already tried, and enjoyed, some Oskar Blues’ beers but after watching this video, they were both inspired to try some more.

Ben went straight to his local craft beer shop and learnt some Oskar Blues history. They were the first American craft beer company to can their beer and if it wasn’t for them, there might not have been any American craft beers over here in the UK.

Danny was also keen to try another Oskar Blues craft beer and did a little squeal when he spotted it in a fridge whilst in a bar with friends.

Watch the video below to see how BW Container Systems were able to provide a palletizer that met Oskar Blues’ exact needs…

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