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‘Seeing Is Believing’ – DriveWorks to attend CADD Edge event


What’s Happening: 2011 CADD Edge User Group & Training Event

When: 26th-27th October 2011

Where: MGM Grand at Foxwoods, Connecticut


Meet the DriveWorks team attending the ‘CADD Edge User Group and Training Event’ in Connecticut. If you design or configure Same but Different products, then the event is a fantastic opportunity to find out if the Design Automation software created by DriveWorks could help you save time!G

Anyone attending the event, has the perfect chance to be able to come and talk to a couple of our DriveWorks experts. They know the product inside out. You can ask questions, find answers and  discover the power of DriveWorks! You can see how the various products (Xpress, Solo and Pro) work, and really get to grips with how easy it is to set up and run.

Not sure if Design Automation is for you?  You have to see it to believe it, so make sure you are there!

Do come along to the DriveWorks booth at the CADD EdgSeeinge event, meet the team and realise that it’s true what CADD Edge have been saying: ‘Seeing is Believing.’

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