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DriveWorks Implementation Guide

Setting up a Sales Configutor for Distributors and Sales people to use? Or automating your SolidWorks models and drawings? The DriveWorks Pro ONLINE documentation site isfull of really useful articles, whether your are just looking at the possiblities of automating, if you have just bought DriveWorks software, or if you are an experienced user.

Take thisarticle for instance– DriveWorks Implementation Guide

The article covers the steps that are involved in setting up and enhancing a DriveWorks project.

It starts by covering what is involved in getting started with DriveWorks Pro Administrator and provides guidance on maintaining an implementation/project going forwards.

Using DriveWorks
There are a few simple steps

  • Setting up
  • Running/Specifying
  • Generating Outputs

Who Implements DriveWorks?
The most successful DriveWorks cases are those where a DriveWorks Champion is appointed from within the company.

Ideally, this should be someone with good knowledge of the company’s products as they will be documenting the product and company rules that will be brought into DriveWorks and which will be used for automating the design process.

Implementation Methods
Products, designs and data constantly evolve. So unlike a custom written solution, DriveWorks needs to (and does!) allow for change.

When implementing DriveWorks it is important to remember that nothing has to be set in stone on the first day. The use of DriveWorks and scope of work will change as the users become more familiar with the features of DriveWorks. This is normal, and should be factored in.

Implementation Plan
Regardless of the Implementation Method selected, the steps involved in setting up a DriveWorks implementation generally follow:

1. Decide on the product to be automated.

2. Decide what information and input fields are required on the user forms.

3. Decide what outputs are required

4. Decide what data is required or can be re-used.

5. Determine the rules required to automate the product.

6. Test.

7. Add the detail to the project

8. Deployment

All of these topic are covered in depth in the ONLINE article.