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Chris Cassettari, DriveWorks Pre Sales engineer – An introduction to DriveWorksXpress

28-01-2014 11-44-35


If you are a first time DriveWorksXpress user or are just looking to boost your proficiency in SolidWorks then this hands on session will help you.

In this introductory tutorial you will learn the basics of DriveWorks so that you too can start to automate the modification of your SolidWorks parts, assemblies and drawings. With DriveWorksXpress, you will save time and money by reducing repetitive design tasks and producing variations quickly and error free.

During the Hands-On session you will learn how to drive SolidWorks geometry, create an input form and link the input fields to the model. You will also learn how to use rules to generate models automatically.

Chris will be presenting this hands on session in room 32A and the session will start at 1:30 on Wednesday of SolidWorks World.

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