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Another Successful Pancake Day At DriveWorks

Pancake Day at DriveWorks

With 3 mixing bowls full of batter, a selection of yummy toppings and an eager team waiting to make, flip and eat some pancakes – we had a very busy lunch yesterday!

The Toppings

This year our delicious range of toppings included all our favourites – lemon and sugar, chocolate spread, golden syrup, maple syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and fresh berries!

The Frying

The Flipping

The flips started off low…

Then got higher…

And more confident…

The Final Outcome

Sadly, not everyone got a pancake…

Ruby was keeping a keen eye out for any dropped pancakes but unfortunately for her, every single one was caught!

We still made sure she got her favourite tennis ball and a lot of attention!