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10 DriveWorks Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Ever get tired of clicking that same sequence of buttons? Keyboard shortcuts can be a great way to speed up how you work, sometimes removing the need to click several times through a menu to get to where you want to.

10 Useful DriveWorks Keyboard Shortcuts

Below Ive outlined 10 of the most useful DriveWorks keyboard shortcuts for speeding up the way you work.

1. Ctrl + B
Use Ctrl + B to build a Rule for whatever you have given focus too. For example, if you have selected a Variable from the Variable list and hit Ctrl + B, the Rules Builder will be opened, ready for you to build a Rule for that Variable.

2. Ctrl + Enter
This goes hand in hand in hand with Ctrl + B. Ctrl + Enter will OK the Rules which you are building, close the Rules Builder and save the Rule.

3. Ctrl + S
This is a simple, yet effective keyboard shortcut to save your Project, without needing to clickthe Save button.

4. Ctrl + F
This opens Find and Replace in the Rules Builder. This can be useful when wanting to quickly edit large Rules or if you need to edit multiple parts of different Rules quickly.

5. Ctrl + E
With a section of a Rule highlighted, this keyboard shortcut will open up the Extract Variable dialogue in the Rules Builder, allowing you to quickly create Variables from common sections of your Rules.

6. Ctrl + Home/End
This keyboard shortcut is not necessarily limited to DriveWorks, however I find it particularly useful when building Rules. Ctrl + Home will jump your cursor to the beginning of the Rule, and Ctrl + End will jump to, you guessed it, the end of your Rule.

7. Ctrl + L
This keyboard shortcut is one that you might want to use when designing your Forms. If you have no Controls selected, Ctrl + L locks or unlocks all of the Controls on your Form, useful if you have hundreds of Form Controls which you want to lock at once. It will also toggle the Control Locking of a Control you have selected.

8. Ctrl + H
This shortcut controls the Design Mode visibility of your Form Controls. This works in much the same way as Ctrl + L, in the sense that it will hide all Controls if none are selected, or only hide specific Controls if you have them selected.

9. F1
This opens up the Help File which is built into each DriveWorks module (usually accessed by going to the ? in the top right corner of the window).

10. F2
With anything that can be renamed in DriveWorks selected, pressing F2 will automatically start to rename it. This is a great shortcut if you are renaming lots of Variables or Constants, as you can then simply use the down/up arrow keys to quickly rename them, without having to touch your mouse.

So, now you know these keyboard shortcuts, why not give them a go and see if they can help you to work even quicker.
You may also want to check out the following Help File, which outlines all of the keyboard shortcuts that you can use within DriveWorks: