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Extronics speed up quoting, ensure consistency, and reduce lead times using DriveWorks


Existing sales processes couldn’t keep pace with inquiries for housing custom wireless access points, leading to long lead times and inconsistent documentation.


Extronics used DriveWorks Pro to build a guided assessment tool for salespeople that also generates sales and manufacturing data automatically.


Salespeople around the world can respond to customer inquiries in a matter of minutes, without the need for technical checks to be completed by UK based sales engineers.

Company Overview

Extronicsare headquartered in the UK,and operate around the world. They specialize in developing and manufacturing equipment for use in hazardous areas. Their aim is to to deliver world-class products and solutions that help their customers work smart, safe, and connected.

Bringing wireless technology into hazardous areas isnt easy. Extronics made a conscious decision to invest in technology to streamline this process.

Nick Saunders, Operations Director, Extronics


Improving lead time, without taking shortcuts

Extronics were seeing increased demand for wireless products. They were receiving more and more inquiries for different devices, not just industry-standard devices.

When a customer came to them with a request for a custom solution for a wireless product, it would need to go through an assessment process. For each custom request, a member of the Extronics technical sales team would need to review the device before they were even able to provide a quote.

Extronics lead times were extending and they recognized they needed to make a change.

As Extronics specialize in products for hazardous environments, its vital their products are correct and safe. They needed a solution to improve lead time, without taking shortcuts.


Accelerating processes

Extronics decided automating their processes would remove friction and barriers for their customers. It would make it quicker and easier for them to deliver products to their customers.

All Extronics CAD models are in SOLIDWORKS so they were looking for a solution that integrated well with SOLIDWORKS. DirveWorks was the obvious solution.

Extronics have a team called the Configured Products Group (CPG). They are the solutions experts, any bespoke or custom orders would go through the CPG team. It made sense that that CPG team would implement DriveWorks, to put their knowledge and expertise in to their DriveWorks project.

They started by creating a price configurator for their Sales Team. Extronics have integrated DriveWorks with their existing ERP solution, so the Sales Team can generate quotes directly within the ERP system. This was a big win for the Sales Team, as this was previously a manual and time-consuming process requireing specific technical knowledge.

After implementing the price configurator, Extronics then moved on to automation of the CAD models. Automated documentation came a bit later.

Extronics have taken an iterative approach to implementing DriveWorks. They built specific solutions that resulted in wins for the company, got value from those and then moved on to another part of the project.


Reducing errors and driving consistency

Before using DriveWorks, Extronics would sell a product, it would then need to be engineered, then it would be sent to manufacturing. This was all done manually and there was high potential for misalignment between departments.

DriveWorks has driven consistency.

At the point of placing an order, sales are able to give documents to the customer to confirm what they have ordered. The engineering of the solution is automated and rules-based.

Extronics now have consistent outputs that are used by all teams, including manufacturing, ensuring the customer gets exactly what they need.

Product innovation

When reviewing their SOLIDWORKS models, Extronics realised they needed to make some changes to their models, to make them more suitable for automation.

This prompted Extronics to look at their products in a different way and opened up opportunities that they hadnt previously considered. They were able to do new things with their products, and allow customers to configure solutions in a way that they couldnt do before.

Try DriveWorks Pro configurator examples online

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