Use a fish to catch a fish

Use a fish to catch a fish

July 20th, 2007 / Posted by Maria Sarkar

A company in the mid west made some basic assumptions

The assumptions

They have 4 engineers

They have SolidWorks

They have DriveWorksXpress

They could afford to free up one engineer for 1 ½ hours per week.

For every 4 minutes that one engineer spent with DriveWorksXpress, he could save each engineer (including himself) 1 minute per week by the next week.

Any saving they made in time would be re-invested in using DriveWorksXpress

If they freed up one guy for a week, he would be trained on DriveWorksEngineer

They would put this plan into action.

The Result

After 5 weeks they were saving enough time in design to send one engineer for a week long DriveWorksEngineer training course WITHOUT AFFECTING PRODUCTION

Here’s the math

Time Spent On DriveWorksXpress

Time Saved per Engineer

Total Time Saved

Week 1

1.5 hours

0 Minutes

0 hours

Week 2

3 hours

22.5 Minutes

1.5 hours

Week 3

6 hours

1 hour 7.5 minutes

4.5 hours

Week 4

12 hours

2 hours 37.5 minutes

10.5 hours

Week 5

24 hours

5 hours 37.5 minutes

22.5 hours

Week 6

DriveWorksEngineer Training Course

11 hours 37.5 minutes

46.5 hours

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