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What is Design Automation?

Capture and reuse design, manufacturing, and cost estimation knowledge to deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy

What is Design Automation?

What is design automation and how can you benefit

Create and configure custom products, fast

Offering customized products is a great competitive differentiator. It often leads to more sales, higher revenues, and happy customers. However, with more and more companies offering customization, you need towork smarter than your competitors.

Design automation enables you to turn around proposals quickly,design and manufacture efficientlyand deliver on your promises consistently, all whilst maintaininga healthy profit.

Why use design automation?

Companies offering custom products are often putting their engineers under pressure. Theyre squeezed to create proposal documents and drawings as fast as possible. This leads to best guess costings, for orders that arent guaranteed.

Engineering departments are wasted on tasks that could be automated. They have less time to re-engineer existing designs, update drawings and carefully check every detail. Jobs are then left open to errors, rework, backlogs and delays. All of this can affect profit margins and damage reputation.

By automating time-sensitive and often repetitive upfront activities, you will reap the benefits. You have more time to innovate and add value to your products, improving your position in the market. You increase throughput and improve quality, enabling you to win more business.

Design automation and knowledge capture

Design practices often evolve through years of industry experience. Companies need to capture and re-use the combined knowledge of their most experienced engineers. However, storing and sharing this knowledge with others is difficult.

Inside 3D CAD systems, expert users can add geometric relationships and equation-driven dimensions. This saves time but issues arise when making changes, or adding additional products. Unravelling the complex design references created by others is difficult and time-consuming.

DriveWorks uses a different approach, simple and straightforward rules and decision logic. You can easily capture and reuse your design, manufacturing and cost knowledge to truly automate your business.

Automate your business one step at a time

With DriveWorks, you can automate as little or as much as you like, and at your own pace. Start in engineering and add design rules to drive your 3D CAD models. Automatically create detailed drawings and generate Bills of Materials for manufacturing.

Give your engineers more time to focus on improving product quality and developing new products.

Then extend the benefits of automation to your sales department. Give sales a set of custom product options to choose from with guided selling.

Reduce errors and save time with automated quotations and cover letters.

With automation, sales teams become more proficient, customer inquiries are dealt with faster and throughput is increased. This leads to more orders, reduced operational overheads, and better customer service.

Easy to set up, manage and use

A DriveWorks design automation project iseasy to create, maintain and use. No programming skills or consultants are required.

Create and manage your own custom configuratorthat suits your business needs. You can easily change and grow your project as and when you need to. Create a set of 3D models, design rules, forms and document templatesonceand use them over and over again.

DriveWorks projects workanywhere on any device on desktop, mobile, tablet, and inside SOLIDWORKS.

Design automation and online sales configurators

Add your DriveWorks project to your company website as an online sales configurator. Enable your sales teams, distributors, dealers and customers to configure and order customized productsanytime, anywhere, on any device. Connect your configurator to your other business systems, such as MRP, ERP, and CRM.

With DriveWorks you can create afull CPQ configurator solution. Cost custom products, determine customer-specific pricing and schedule deliveries based on available resources, inventory levels, and lead times.

Automate for free with DriveWorksXpress

If youve got SOLIDWORKS,youve already got design automation. DriveWorksXpress is the free design automation tool, installed inside every licence of SOLIDWORKS. Find it in the tools menu,activate itand start automating.

Take design automation even further with DriveWorks Solo. Download a30-day full feature free trialof DriveWorks Solo to see what you could achieve.

Design Automation Benefits

Achieve more with design automation

Eliminate Errors

DriveWorks rules-based SOLIDWORKS速 automation eliminates errors and expensive, time-consuming design changes.

Save Time & Innovate More

Automate repetitive SOLIDWORKS速 tasks and free up engineers to focus on product innovation and development.

SOLIDWORKS速 Gold Partner

DriveWorksXpress, DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro are certified SOLIDWORKS速 Gold Partner products.

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