How To Video Clips: DriveWorks Solo

Be proficient in an hour, an expert in a day!

As DriveWorks Software modules are all built on the same well architected platform, it is very easy to step from one level up to the next, adding functionality as needed. DriveWorks Solo focuses on Design Automation and automating your 3D SolidWorks models.

Check out these 2 – 3 minute How to Videos Clips to get you started.

Are there any DriveWorks Solo Webinars?

Yes – First and Third Wednesday EVERY month. We host Getting Started with DriveWorks Solo Webinars on behalf of our worldwide resellers.  You can sign up here.

Is there a Training Manual I can download

Yes. You can download the DriveWorks Solo Training Tutorial Manual and associated SolidWorks Files.

Simply sign up for a DriveWorks Solo account – there is no charge!

The Tutorial covers everything you need to know to be able to set up your own Design Automation project using DriveWorks Solo.

Do you have any Sample Projects I can use?

Yes we have set up several DriveWorks Solo projects that you can download and then Run to generate new files.

You can even open up the sample projects and see how they were set up. It’s great way to see and learn how Rules can be used, forms designed etc. You can even re-use the data and the rules from the samples in your own projects.

Where can I get Help?

The DriveWorks Solo Online HELP file is a great resource.

You can also contact your SolidWorks / DriveWorks reseller or email us to open a ticket.

Getting Started

Create a New Project

Upscale from Xpress

Use a Project Template



Automating Your SolidWorks Model – Model Capture

Capture an Assembly

Capture and Drive a Dimension

Capture and Drive a Feature

Extended Feature Properties

Capture a Custom Property

Capture a Drawing

Control Model Colour

Control Model Material

Control Model Texture



Automating Your SolidWorks Drawing – Drawing Capture

Capture and Drive a Sheet

Capture and Drive a View

Capture and Drive a Breakline

Capture and Drive Annotation Text

Capture Dimension Positions

Drawing Custom Properties



Designing and Setting up your SolidWorks Configurator – Form Design

Set up Form Navigation

Design a Form

Set up Form Warnings



Data & Documents

Create and use variables

Create document from a template



Configure & Automate – Running Your Projects

Create New Designs

Run local and recent projects

Run a project in layout mode

DriveWorks screenshot

What More Can I Do?

Once you’ve mastered DriveWorks Solo and you’re saving time and money you might want to roll your project out to others in your company, or even to your dealers and your customers.

You can see how much more can be done using DriveWorks Pro by running through some of our Online Examples.

Use DriveWorks Online

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