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Using DriveWorks Pro to Create Custom Glassware

A Case Study of 360Glassware.com.

Pine Research Instrumentation are a talented group of chemists and engineers who develop custom laboratory set ups for customers, which often includes glassware and custom electrodes.

They’re the brains behind 360Glassware.com and they’ve been using DriveWorks Pro as an Online Sales Configurator to power it.

Let’s find out more…

The Problem

Before using DriveWorks, Pine Research Instrumentation had found that there was no fast and easy way for customers to get custom glassware.

Due to the complexity of the product, it would take roughly 2 – 4 weeks to provide a quote which was a labour intensive process for their sales and engineering team, and also very expensive for the company.

The Solution

To fix the problem, they came up with a business idea to create a website that housed a live 3D glassware design programme that could provide instant pricing, based on the customers specifications.

Steve Sagi, a Mechanical Engineer at Pine Research Instrumentation worked on the project. With over 6000 hours experience of using SOLIDWORKS and 1000+ hours experience with DriveWorks, he was able to bring their idea to life and use DriveWorks Pro as an Online Sales Configurator to showcase their range of customizable glassware.

The Project

As each selection is made, DriveWorks Pro is working in the background to update the 3D model preview.

Once the design is finalized, the quote and manufacturing documentation is automatically generated by DriveWorks, whilst the attractive user interface provides the customer with an instant quote.

Thanks to DriveWorks Pro, the Online Sales Configurator has the ability to generate 3D models, pictures, drawings and the shipping size and price. It also checks for errors and ensures the product can actually be manufactured, based on the rules entered into the project.

The Results

Since using DriveWorks, the time taken to produce a quote for custom glassware has drastically decreased.

A process which once took 2 – 4 weeks now takes only a few minutes and can be amended easily if the customer changes the specifications.

Time Saving Metrics: before DriveWorks: 2 – 4 weeks, with DriveWorks – a few minutes