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Spotlight on Architectural Components

A vast industry made up of Same but Different products that are perfect for Design Automation.

Architectural Components are the unique details and components that, together, form the architectural style of houses, buildings and structures.

There are many different products that could be classed as architectural components, such as:

• Custom Windows
• Beams / Supports
• Sky Lights / Sunroofs
• Balconies / Balustrades
• Elevators
• Stairways

All of these products are usually the Same but Different each time they are manufactured, depending on customer requirements.

This presents a brilliant opportunity to utilize Design Automation software like DriveWorks.

Speeding up design changes with a rules based system is a great advantage for manufacturers of bespoke products.

DriveWorks will deal with the everyday repetitive tasks and prevent engineers having to waste time creating each variation. Engineers and even sales teams can simply enter new specifications into DriveWorks, which will automatically update the model with the new details, freeing engineers up to work on more valuable projects.

Rather than re-designing your products to suit each customers’ requirements, you can use the rules within DriveWorks, that are based on your engineer’s knowledge, to change specifications and produce outputs such as models, quotes, drawings and documents quickly and easily.

Have a Go at Configuring Your Own Architectural Components.

Visit DriveWorksLive.com or download one of our Sample Projects to configure your own custom stairs, solar panel, canopy or roller shutter door and see just how easy it is to create numerous variations of these products quickly by using DriveWorks.