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How the Transportation Industry is Using Design Automation & Product Configuration Software

Transportation manufacturers are using DriveWorks design automation & sales configurator software to improve manufacturing processes and be more efficient.

Products in the transportation industry often need to be designed and made to order. The journey from initial quote to end product can be time-consuming and monotonous for design teams. Design automation speeds up the design of custom products, cuts costs and helps reduce errors. Combined with a CPQ configurator/ guided selling solution, orders are placed and manufactured even faster. It allows for seamless communication between all teams involved and a better customer experience.

Read on to learn how transportation manufacturers are improving processes and selling more with DriveWorks.


WEATHER GUARD, a WernerCo brand, is an industry leader in truck and van storage equipment, including truck boxes, drawer units, shelving, cabinets, and racks for trucks, vans and utility vehicles.

Previously, WEATHER GUARDs customers would visit their site searching for van products. Using a 2D configurator, they would determine the right fit and customized combination of products.

However, this solution wasnt keeping pace with users requirements, and adding new vehicles and van products to the system became difficult to update.

WEATHER GUARD turned to DriveWorks. They have not only built an engineering tool but also used the functionality inside DriveWorks to create a highly successful lead generation and sales toolthat allows stakeholders to know exactly how much revenue is coming through the configurator to measure ROI.

The company is relying on DriveWorks toincrease completed configurations,boost distributor referralsanddrive sales anticipating afive percent increase in annual salesas a result, at the time of implementation.

The speed of DriveWorks enables distributors to get a lead within minutes and allows for them to see the journey of the prospect contacted, quoted, and closed.

WEATHER GUARD's logo with a configuration of one of their truck boxes and a photo of a WEATHER GUARD truck box inside the back of a truck.

Learn more about how WEATHER GUARD are driving revenue with DriveWorks Pro:

PL Custom

PL Custom are a custom vehicle manufacturer founded in 1946, based in Manasquan, NJ, and supply type 1 and type 3 ambulances. PL Custom are represented throughout the USA by 17 dealers, covering 29 states and 1 dealer covering parts of Canada.

PL Custom provides unique emergency vehicles tailored exactly to customer needs. They needed a solution to free up engineers from repetitive SOLIDWORKS modelling tasks, so they could focus on the custom aspects of vehicle designs. PL Custom was already using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD so they turned to DriveWorks for their design automation solution.

PL Custom has successfully deployed DriveWorks and is already seeing the benefits of reducing repetitive engineering tasks. Repetitive and time-consuming SOLIDWORKS modelling tasks have been automated using DriveWorks Pro. Engineering capacity has been increased, giving engineers more time to work on custom designs to solve customer challenges.

Engineers input the vehicle specification into custom-designed forms, built using the intuitive DriveWorks form designer. 2D and 3D visual previews provide the engineers with immediate feedback on their selections and ensure the configured vehicle matches the customer contract.

DriveWorks handles repetitive modeling tasks and automatically outputs 245 files, consisting of 60 assemblies, 85 drawings, and 100 parts files. This has freed engineers up to focus on the customized aspects of their designs, such as custom internal cabinetry.

P L Custom's logo, a picture of the interior of one of their ambulances and a photo of a parked ambulance.

Learn more about how PL Custom have freed up their engineers’ time with DriveWorks Pro:

Oasis Trailers

Oasis Trailer Mfg Ltd has been manufacturing custom trailers in Rolling Hills, Canada since 2006. Oasis Trailers builds mostlycustom trailersand focus oncustom welding.

Oasis Trailers create a specification form for each of their products individually.Before DriveWorksXpress this would be 20 minutes of repetitive work.

Using DriveWorksXpress, they have cut this time down to just 5 minutes at most.

Using DriveWorksXpress, Oasis Trailers have createda simple formwhere they enter three inputs. These inputsautomate the requirementsfor the Hub Face, the Spring Center and the Wheel Options of the axles.

Oasis Trailers have also taken advantage of the different form building options in DriveWorksXpress, using both the drop-down and spin button feature.

One of the ways Oasis Trailers have increased efficiency is by storing all of their rules within DriveWorksXpress, so their engineers dont need to remember them all.

Oasis Trailers is saving both time and effort with the benefits of DriveWorksXpress, enabling them to work faster and focus time on more important tasks.

Oasis' logo, with a picture of one of their trailers and a configuration of one of a set of their trailer wheels.

Learn more about how Oasis Trailers are working 4 times faster with DriveWorksXpress:

Explore our DriveWorks Configurator examples, and see different examples of how DriveWorks can be used for design automation and digital selling.

Our agricultural configurator example is just one example of whats possible with DriveWorks. Explore and interact with this and other examples at

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