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How the Consumer Products Industry is Using Design Automation & Product Configuration Software

Consumer product manufacturers are using DriveWorks design automation & sales configurator software to improve manufacturing processes and be more efficient.

Consumers are expecting customized and personalized products to meet their specific needs and preferences. This presents challenges for manufacturers of consumer products. Offering variations and customizable options adds complexities to the design process. It often means going backwards and forwards with a customer until the customized product meets their exact needs. It can also lead to more errors and time-consuming changes further down the line. Customized products often take longer from design to manufacture. With this rise in demand, consumer products manufacturers are turning to technologies such as DriveWorks to be more efficient, provide customized products faster, save time and reduce errors.

Read on to learn how consumer product manufacturers are improving processes and selling more with DriveWorks.


Alitex, headquartered in the UK, designs and manufactures single-glazed and double-glazed structures for a range of customers and industries.

Alitex are saving time and improving customer experience. Prior to implementing DriveWorks, it would take up to 40 hours to design a small bespoke greenhouse, including checking time. With DriveWorks, Alitex are able to halve their design time, to just 20 hours.The saved time is spent developing the product and design process to further enhance the customer experience.

Adding DriveWorks has also helped Alitex tobuild in qualityas each configured product is generated from the original SOLIDWORKS master model and drawing.

Alitex uses DriveWorks to automate the production of SOLIDWORKS models for their Traditional glazing system and their Messenger glazing system.

Each time a new specification is run, DriveWorks also automatically generates key documentation for the Manufacturing Team to use to manufacture the product. This includes a Bill of Materials, CAM information and drawings.

DriveWorks automatically generates ground plan drawings for each bespoke product. This provides the builder with the information they need to build the base and gives the customer a visual representation of the product they will receive.

Now, Alitex design process has been significantly reduced, and saved time can be used to develop new products

Learn more about how Alitex have halved design time from 40 hours to 20 with DriveWorks Pro:


markilux GmbH & Co. KG is an award-winning awning company, based in Germany. They have been specialists in creating awnings for over 40 years. As number 1 in the awning market, markilux is committed to staying as the leading manufacturer of innovative designer awnings in Germany.

Using DriveWorks software, designer Alexander Metten creates sets of rules that can define entire systems. These sets of rules are based on the native 3D data and are fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS and linked to selected parameters.

The individualisation of an awning can offer a multitude of choices and these variables have to be made configurable. The sets of rules are created in DriveWorks Administrator.

The customisation and personalisation of an awning can offer a multitude of choices and configurability.

Before the introduction of DriveWorks, products had to be customized by hand. Each assembly had to be manually opened and edited, and the drawing derived and saved. A large, time-consuming effort with an incalculable potential for errors. With the help of the DriveWorks configurator, designs, functions and stability all work in harmony.

markilux plans to expand its use of DriveWorks into sales. With DriveWorks, the sales configurator and partner portal can be used on other devices outside engineering. This means the markilux consultants will easily be able to start the order process by entering the individual measurements and details whilst on-site at the customers premises.

markilux's logo, a configuration of one of their awnings, and another configuration of a markilux awning in over a patio garden area.

Learn more about how markilux have reduced design time from 4 hours to 20 minutes with DriveWorks Pro:

Explore our DriveWorks Configurator examples, and see different examples of how DriveWorks can be used for design automation and digital selling.

Our folding door, canopy and steel door configurator examples are just some examples of whats possible with DriveWorks. Explore and interact with these and other examples at

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