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How DriveWorks Helps SOLIDWORKS® Engineers Succeed

Creating scalable and cost-effective solutions while at the same time meeting the unique demands of customizable products can be an ongoing challenge for design engineers.

However, as projects become more complex and customization becomes important, design engineers are turning to tools like DriveWorks to enhance their capabilities and streamline their workflows.

SOLIDWORKS® has earned its reputation as a robust and versatile CAD software, empowering engineers to create detailed 3D models and simulations.

Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a go-to choice for design engineers across many industries.

However, as projects become more intricate, the need for automation and customization grows, leading design engineers to look for additional solutions to complement SOLIDWORKS®.

Enter DriveWorks

DriveWorks is a powerful design automation tool that integrates seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS®.

DriveWorks gives design engineers a toolkit to automate repetitive design tasks and generate customized variations of their models.

Whether it’s configuring product variations, generating manufacturing drawings, or automating the creation of bills of materials (BOMs), DriveWorks acts as a force multiplier for SOLIDWORKS® users.

How DriveWorks Helps You To Succeed

Design Automation

DriveWorks enables engineers to automate the creation of parametric 3D models, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

This is especially beneficial when dealing with product configurations that have many variables.

Rules-Based Design

Engineers can establish rules and logic within DriveWorks to drive parametric variations based on specific input parameters.

This rules-based approach ensures that designs follow predefined standards and criteria and eliminates errors.

Customization and Configuration

DriveWorks excels in handling product configurations. Engineers can create customizable forms that allow users to configure and customize products based on their unique requirements.

Data Management

The integration between DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS® includes data management. Changes made in DriveWorks are reflected in SOLIDWORKS®, ensuring consistency across the whole design process.

Time and Cost Savings

By automating repetitive tasks, SOLIDWORKS® engineers using DriveWorks can significantly reduce design cycle times.

The time saved can help companies to increase throughput, and can be redirected towards innovation and refining designs rather than on manual, time-consuming tasks.

Easy To Set Up, Maintain & Use

A DriveWorks design automation project is easy to set up, maintain and use. No programming skills or consultants are needed.

Create and manage your own custom configurator that suits your business needs.

You can easily adapt and expand your design project as and when you need to. Create a set of 3D models, design rules, forms and document templates once and use them over and over again. With DriveWorks, all the necessary documents and data for selling and manufacturing each custom order are automatically generated based on your specified rules.

How are SOLIDWORKS® design engineers using DriveWorks design automation software to succeed?

HW Ventilation, based in Rescaldina, Italy is a leading company in the ventilation and air movement systems industry. They design, produce and sell axial impellers and ventilators for industrial use. This includes engine cooling systems, compressors, industrial plants and HVAC systems.

HW Ventilation’s lengthy design process previously required an engineer to draw every new product or variation of an existing product from scratch inside SOLIDWORKS®.

Since implementing DriveWorks Solo, their automated design process is 10 times faster than their previous manual process.  Now their engineers have less wasted time and more time to spend on more innovative and rewarding projects.

Find out more about how DriveWorks is helping HW Ventilation engineers to succeed here.

Unlock The Benefits of Design Automation For Free

DriveWorksXpress is already included with every SOLIDWORKS® license.

All you need to do is go to the Tools menu, activate DriveWorksXpress, and start to  automate your design processes.

For enhanced design automation capabilities, explore DriveWorks Solo. You can test the full range of features with a 30 day free trial of DriveWorks Solo.