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How CPQ Can Boost Sales Effectiveness

How CPQ Drives Sales

Are you losing sales because it’s taking too long to get quotes to customers? Lengthy quote turnaround times can have a big impact on sales rates as slow responses can mean you lose out to your competitors. CPQ enables you to streamline your quoting and sales process.

In this blog, we’ll explore how CPQ solutions boost sales effectiveness.

Guided Selling

Guided selling boosts the performance of your sales teams by making it easier for them to sell customized products. Product configurators run on a range of devices and guide sales reps through the process of configuring custom products. Product and pricing options are presented from a set of pre-determined rules. Sales teams don’t have to remember lots of product options and can easily configure products that can be produced. Rules-based guided selling also makes it easier for sales teams to identify and offer cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to increase average sales values.

Quicker & Accurate Quoting

CPQ technology automatically calculates prices for customized options from a pre-set pricing strategy. Prices update automatically with no need for sales teams to manually calculate complicated pricing options. Instant and accurate quotes are automatically generated, including any applicable discounts, together with drawings and 3D models. This reduces sales cycle times and increases sales conversion and customer satisfaction rates.

Product Visualization

CPQ makes complex configurations easier to sell. Sales reps and customers can quickly and easily configure products using a 3D configurator. This enables customers to see a real-time 3D visual representation of their customized product, removing the chance of misinterpretation and improving the customer sales experience. With in-built rules working behind the scenes, the configurator automatically checks for compatibility, adjusting options and pricing to a set of pre-determined rules. It ensures the final configuration is feasible for production. DriveWorks CPQ for Manufacturing also automatically creates detailed drawings, providing customers with a clear representation of the final product at the point of quoting.

Streamlined Sales Cycle

Sales teams can lose their momentum and sense of urgency when custom products take too long to configure and quoting becomes complicated and slow. Sales opportunities can be lost if prospects receive quotes from your competitors ahead of a quote from your business. CPQ technology streamlines the sales cycle, enabling quicker and more accurate custom product configuration and quoting. Sales documentation is automatically generated and sent to the customer, leading to shorter cycle times and increased sales.

Boost Sales With DriveWorks Design Automation and CPQ Technology

DriveWorks Design Automation and CPQ Technology

As businesses look for new ways to streamline their processes, increase sales, and improve efficiency, CPQ software is one of the digital technology solutions that is being adopted across a range of industries.

Manufacturers using DriveWorks CPQ for Manufacturing have achieved:

  • 50% faster sales onboarding
  • 95% faster quoting
  • 64% business growth

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