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Glen Smith Talks Virtual Events – DEVELOP3D Magazine

Read Glen’s Virtual Event Feature in October’s DEVELOP3D Magazine

In this month’s DEVELOP 3D magazine, DriveWorks CEO Glen Smith, discusses how the latest technology might be deployed to make online events and virtual conferences more engaging. 

This is part of a series of articles by Glen that is featured every month in the DEVELOP3D magazine.

In the October edition of DEVELOP3D, Glen reflects on how the DriveWorks team would normally be spending this time of year all over the world attending industry events.

This year many events are still taking place with a slight difference – they are all online.

Technology has come a long way since Glen first attended a virtual trade show back in 2010, where opening up conversation with a fellow attendee meant opening a chat window and hoping they would reply.

Over the past year, we have all become very accustomed to online meetings. With more people using webcams and having the ability to share screens, it has become a normal part of our working day to join a meeting online.

This use of technology has now been applied to virtual events and online conferences to improve the way we connect with each other virtually.

“10 years on and I’m looking forward to seeing how the latest technology is being harnessed to make virtual events engaging and valuable.”

“The uptake in virtual meetings this year has been huge. They’ve become the norm in work and for engaging with family and friends. Technology has helped us all stay connected.”

“More people are using webcams, making it easier to gauge reactions through body language -albeit on-screen and looking slightly ridiculous in oversized headphones.”

DEVELOP3D Magazine is free to read online, read the full article on page 15.

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