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From Simple to Complex: Exploring the Versatility of DriveWorks Technology

DriveWorks technology is designed to help businesses of all sizes and offers a suite of automation and configuration solutions tailored to meet a range of requirements, from simple to complex.

DriveWorks technology is also scalable, allowing companies to evolve their automation efforts as their business needs change.

DriveWorksXpress: Entry-Level Automation

DriveWorksXpress entry-level design automation is included free in every seat of SOLIDWORKS. It’s a great entry point for SOLIDWORKS users venturing into design automation. Here’s how it lays the foundation:

Accessible Automation: Integrated with SOLIDWORKS, DriveWorksXpress is available at no extra cost with every SOLIDWORKS seat.

Basic Automation: DriveWorksXpress enables you to automate repetitive tasks within SOLIDWORKS, such as controlling dimensions, configurations, and feature suppression.

Effortless Activation: Activation of DriveWorksXpress is easy and free, making it an ideal starting point for companies looking to explore automation.

With DriveWorksXpress, businesses can easily start their automation journey, employing basic automation capabilities within their familiar SOLIDWORKS environment.

DriveWorks Solo: Advanced Customization and Automation

DriveWorks Solo takes automation to the next level, offering advanced customization features tailored for design engineers and product teams:

Customizable Designs: DriveWorks Solo enables you to create customizable forms and rules, enabling parameter-driven designs to meet specific customer requirements with precision.

Enhanced Automation: With DriveWorks Solo, you can automate complex design processes beyond the capabilities of DriveWorksXpress, streamlining workflows and reducing design cycle times.

Free 30-Day Trial: To experience the full potential of DriveWorks Solo, you can opt for a free 30-day trial, allowing you to evaluate its features and benefits before making a commitment.

DriveWorks Pro: Scaling Automation with 3D Product Configurator Software for a Complete CPQM Solution

DriveWorks Pro provides a comprehensive CPQM solution for businesses with complex design and configuration needs:

Advanced Configuration Management: DriveWorks Pro enables you to manage complex design configurations effortlessly, ensuring accuracy and consistency across product variations.

Seamless Integration and Collaboration: DriveWorks Pro seamlessly integrates with existing systems and workflows, promoting collaboration and enhancing connectivity across departments.

Flexible Deployment Options: With DriveWorks Pro’s modular architecture, you can select individual modules tailored to your specific business requirements, ensuring scalability and flexibility in deployment.

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Regardless of where businesses are on their digital transformation journey, DriveWorks offers scalable simple to complex solutions, enabling them to unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

 From simple automation tasks to complex configurations, DriveWorks technology enables companies to adapt to changing business needs.

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