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Explore Our Custom Manufacturing Configurators

DriveWorks Sales Configurators

Many industries are using the power of 3D for online sales and digital manufacturing. Offering customisable products is a growing opportunity for many.

Designers and manufacturers using DriveWorks rules-based software are embracing digital transformation to improve customer experiences and make selling custom products quicker, easier and more profitable.

The DriveWorks Live website has many examples showing the latest DriveWorks technology in action.

Anyone can use the online configurators, created using DriveWorks software.

A picture showing our 3 available configurators to explore: power pack, watch and play system.

DriveWorks Live Configurator Examples

Explore DriveWorks Live and our range of configurator examples.

Online Configurator Examples

Our product configurator examples are a great way to see what’s possible with DriveWorks, in a range of scenarios and industries.

DriveWorks product configurator software is used by companies of all sizes. It’s suitable for any industry where quotes or 3D files and drawings are part of the sales to manufacturing process.

Our configurator examples show how versatile and customizable DriveWorks is and provide great inspiration for your DriveWorks projects.

The software is not limited to what you see in our examples, with DriveWorks you build a custom solution that suits your needs and is easy to maintain and update.

We’ve recently added some new product configurator examples and updated our existing videos to show features and functionality from our latest release.

We have also updated to use the most up-to-date DriveWorks Technology.

The DriveWorks Live Integration Theme is used to host the Embedded Configurators, Industry Examples and DriveWorks Technology Stack Demos.

Check out the custom configurators we have focused on by reading the blogs below – see how versatile and easy DriveWorks is! 

Custom Cupboard Configurator

Custom HVAC Configurator

Custom Conveyor Configurator

Custom Picture Frame Configurator

Custom Bi-Fold Door Configurator

Custom Canopy Configurator

Flexible, Scalable and Easy to Use

DriveWorks is versatile, fully customisable and easy to use so you can build a product configurator that suits your needs.

Over the years, we have added new features and functionality to meet a variety of business and industry needs.

Our software enables you to easily create your own configurators and business tools, specific to your processes and the way you work.

These are just some of the examples of how DriveWorks can be used.

What makes all of this possible is our underlying technology.

Once you’ve explored how DriveWorks looks from the front end, head to the Technology section to take a look under the hood at the underlying technology inside DriveWorks and the functionality used to build a Design Automation and Sales Configurator solution.

DriveWorks Under the Hood

DriveWorks Technology Stack

Explore the core technologies that makeup DriveWorks software. Our Tech Stack demos go behind the scenes of our powerful technology.

They are designed to introduce you to the core technologies. They have been created using DriveWorks, they are built on rules and use many other features from our technology capabilities.

Each Tech Stack looks at a particular aspect of our technology to help you understand what you can achieve with DriveWorks.

A lot of the intelligent technology happens behind the scenes, the Tech Stacks highlight things you may not notice in a normal demo and give you a look under the hood.

Explore the Tech Stacks to see what you can do with DriveWorks.

A picture of what technology examples on the DriveWorks website.

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