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Eric Beatty – DriveWorks SWUGN Leader of the Year

DriveWorks SWUGN Leader of the Year

With the support of our resellers, customers, and partners, DriveWorks has attended SOLIDWORKS User Group meetings, sponsored events and supported group leaders since 2015.

We know that SOLIDWORKS User Group Leaders go above and beyond whats expected of them to not just support their own group but in many cases groups around the world!

When we said goodbye in Nashville at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020, no one thought it would be over a year until we were physically together again.

While COVID-19 has forced us to stay safe and physically apart, it wasnt strong enough to keep the SOLIDWORKS community from staying actively engaged by using virtual platforms to stay connected during this challenging time.

Many SOLIDWORKS User Group Leaders went to great lengths to host virtual local, regional, and global meetups.

In November, the 5th Annual SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever was another great success. One thing was for certain, you cannot keep this community apart.

While all SOLIDWORKS User Group Leaders go above and beyond in their support of the SOLIDWORKS Community. There are, however, those that stand out above the crowd.

We have celebrated these individuals by awarding them with our DriveWorks Award for SWUGN Leader of the Year. Previous winners of this award have been:

Eric Beatty, Seattle Area SOLIDWORKS Power User Group

A Leader With No Boundaries

There was a SWUG Leader that seemed to have no boundaries at all.

While his home is in the Pacific Northwest of the US, Eric has been seen attending meetings all over the world!

A meeting on the East Coast one evening, then attending another meeting in London the next afternoon. Later that week, hed been seen not just attending, but also presenting at a meeting in Australia.

If you are good at adjusting for time zones, thats a large sweep back and forth and he did it all with a smile on his face. His strong passion for SOLIDWORKS creates a positive energy that is passed on to others.

At 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021, we announced the 6th annual DriveWorks award for the SOLIDWORKS Group Leader of the Year Eric Beatty.

Eric is the leader of the Seattle Area SOLIDWORKS Power Users Group. He is the Senior Mechanical Designer at OMAX Corporation and in his spare time he is a CAD/CAM Instructor at Renton Technical College.

While we couldnt be together in person for us to present the award we did the best we could!

Heather took a photo of the award before posting it out and Eric took a photo upon receipt.

Eric joins a group of great user group leaders that have won the DriveWorks Award for SWUGN Leader of the Year – Congratulations Eric!

Stay tuned as we have a chance to catch up with Eric after 3DEXPERIENCE World and get to know him more and hear some of his favourite SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks memories!

Congratulations to Eric Beatty at SASPUG.

We are truly lucky to have someone like you willing to go above and beyond for the SWUGN Community!

Supporting SWUG

We love being a part of the SOLIDWORKS Communityand look forward to continuing to support the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network.

If you would like us to sponsor your group, get in touch and tell us about your meetings!