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The DriveWorks Award for SOLIDWORKS Group Leader of the Year

During the SWUGLe event at SOLIDWORKS World 2017,  we announced our second annual DriveWorks award for the SOLIDWORKS Group Leader of the Year. The winner was Jeff Holliday, the Mid-Atlantic Region Independant SOLIDWORKS User Group leader.

Jeff accepted the “Activate to Automate” beer mat challenge and took it to the next level. Not only did he provide photos from his group holding the mats – he even used SOLIDWORKS to model a beer on a beer mat! Jeff’s submittals were awesome and they showed his dedication to running the user group as well as his passion for SOLIDWORKS.

The Search Continues…

The DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification is a free certification for all engineering and design professionals who have access to SOLIDWORKS.

The certification promotes learning and knowledge sharing in the SOLIDWORKS community. It’s endorsed by SOLIDWORKS EDU and it’s ready for you to share at your Q4 meetings!

Here’s what you need to do to qualify for the DriveWorks Award for SOLIDWORKS User Group Leader of the Year:

Become a CDWXA

It’s just 3 steps in 3 hours!

Complete step 1 and step 2 by visiting the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification website. You’ll follow a tutorial where you’ll learn how to set up and run a DriveWorksXpress Project. Then you’ll make some changes to your project and take an online multiple choice test. When you pass, your certificate will be emailed to you. Don’t forget to tweet or email us a picture of you holding your certificate!

Spread the Word

Spread the word about the DriveWorksXpress Certification at your fall and winter user group meetings. Educate attendees using our awareness video and please send us a picture of them watching it. We’ll share it on our social media accounts.

Celebrate New Certified DriveWorksXpress Associates

We love to hear about the new Certified DriveWorksXpress Associates in your user groups and we want to help you celebrate their success. Send us photos of your CDWXA’s with their certificates and we’ll share them in our newsletter.