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DriveWorks Drivers March Meeting – Save the Date

DriveWorks Drivers

Virtual Networking Meetings

DriveWorks Drivers aims to connect DriveWorks Users from around the world, invite guest speakers to share experiences and encourage questions and dialogue about the technology.

These virtual networking meetings will be hosted by us, as a value add for people using DriveWorks Solo or Pro who have an active subscription.

We will also welcome authorized Applications Engineers from our VARs with a DriveWorks focus, who can contribute to the conversations too.

A New Way of Connecting DriveWorks Users From Around the World

On Thursday, December 10th, we hosted the first-ever DriveWorks Drivers virtual networking meeting.

DriveWorks Drivers is an opportunity for DriveWorks users from around the world to connect, share ideas and talk DriveWorks!

Sharing technical know-how and practical experience informally with each other is something we know many people using DriveWorks like to do.

However as DriveWorks World is only once a year, we decided to use technology to set up a new digital event to help DriveWorks users connect more often and without the need to travel.

DriveWorks Drivers is a value add for people using DriveWorks Solo or Pro software with an active subscription. We also invite authorized Applications Engineers from our VARs with a DriveWorks focus, who can contribute to the conversations too.

Across the first two meetings, we were excited to be joined by 90 DriveWorks users. 

It was great to welcome so many enthusiastic DriveWorks users to share and connect.

We heard from our CEO Glen Smith, members of the DriveWorks team and also heard from DriveWorks customers Robert Allen, Dolphin Solutions and Ismael Lopez, VanAire about their success with DriveWorks.

DriveWorks Drivers Networking Event – Save the Date

We are excited to announce that the next DriveWorks Drivers virtual networking meeting will take place on Thursday 11th March.

The event will be held at two different times to ensure that you can join at a time that best suits you!

The first session will be held at 3:00 pm (GMT) and the second at 9:00 pm (GMT).

This is a virtual networking event so you can join from anywhere.

The meeting will last around 90 minutes.

The meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams and you will receive a link to join the event separately.

DriveWorks Drivers meetings are technical focused events for DriveWorks customers with active subscription and reseller technical staff only.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the second meeting!

What’s Next?

We were delighted to welcome so many DriveWorks users to the first DriveWorks Drivers virtual networking meeting.

It was great to see everyone interacting and talking all things DriveWorks.

If you would like to join us for the next meeting, please register your interest by filling in the registration form here.