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DriveWorks Drivers June Meeting Round Up

Quarterly DriveWorks User Networking & Knowledge Sharing

On June 8th, we hosted the 2nd meeting of DriveWorks Drivers of the year. DriveWorks Drivers is hosted via Microsoft Teams at both 3pm (BST) and 9pm (BST). Hosting at different times has provided the opportunity for our global community to join at a time that suits them.

We had record attendance at these sessions, with a combined registration of 150+ DriveWorks Drivers!

During these meetings, we announced that the learning content that was offered at DriveWorks World 2023 is now available in the DriveWorks Learning Portal inside the MyDriveWorks Community. In addition to the learning content, the DriveWorks Pro Certification is also available to take online, anytime, in the DriveWorks Learning Portal.

Customer Presentations

We invited two customers to share their DriveWorks journey with us its always inspiring to have you share your experiences with other DriveWorks users.

ORBIS – Presented by Vince Riha and Michael Coccia

ORBIS Corporation uses DriveWorks to create custom dunnage to allow a wide variety of industries to ship and transport parts of all shapes and sizes.

In their presentation, Vince Riha and Michael Coccia, from ORBIS explain how they leverage a wide variety of advanced techniques inside of DriveWorks to integrate with Microsoft SQL to leverage DriveWorks data throughout their organization.

ORBIS uses SQL to allow DriveWorks to connect to a series of other tools within their enterprise from to SAP to a custom-developed internal system.

Vince and Michael showed us their very modular approach that uses Specification Hosts and SQL to compartmentalize everything from BOM and route calculation to raw material determination to 3DPreviews.

Daltec Fans – Presented by David Kelly

Daltec Canadian Buffalo is a Canadian Manufacturer serving the Industrial, Power and OEM Markets providing customized fan-system solutions.

Over the past six years, David Kelly has worked with his team at Daltec Fans to create incredibly graphical DriveWorks projects that help track, monitor, and automate parts of the business process.

David showed us the history of how and why Daltec has developed their custom dashboard to provide complete and timely information to their users.

David’s visually stunning interface pulled data from DriveWorks together with information from PDM and SharePoint to let users gauge the progress of their document, drawing and model generation.

Technical Knowledge Sharing

Tech Tips

Just when you thought the DriveWorks Learning Portal couldnt get any more valuable, Ian Prossor unveiled a slew of new Tech Tips that premiered at this years DriveWorks World event.

These keyword searchable sample projects allow those of us that learn best by disassembling (and sometime reassembling) working products to explore specific functionality in DriveWorks.

Many of these Tech Tip projects also have corresponding video presentations in the Learning Portal and pages in the online help file, explaining everything about them.

The Final Ascent

This episode of The Final Ascent took the audience into the previously uncharted territory that is the new Web Forms Technology in DriveWorks 21.

We took a brief look into the technology involved, and most importantly, the fact that most users may not notice any differences. We looked at a few of the subtle differences (literally a few pixels), and what they mean for existing implementations.

The DriveWorks Challenge

As announced at DriveWorks World, we premiered the first ever DriveWorks Challenge, a chance to take on a quick DriveWorks task to explore areas of the DriveWorks product and develop truly creative solutions for fun and prizes.

Our DriveWorks Sherpa guided us through the process of exploring the challenge and submitting a (zipped!) Drive Package within the Learning Portal.

The topic of the first DriveWorks Challenge was revealed to be Form Data Validation, where you are challenged to creatively guide the users of the (fictitious) Imaginative Industries Interstellar Hydraulic Cylinder Configurator to design valid products.

DriveWorks Drivers Expands to a New Time Zone

Connecting with More Users Around the World

Since we started DriveWorks Drivers, we have hosted meetings at 3pm and 9pm UK time to accommodate as many time zones as possible. As our community has grown and we have additional resources in other parts of the world, we made a change to host a meeting at a time thats even more accessible for DriveWorks users around the world.

We hosted an additional DriveWorks Drivers meeting on Thursday, June 15th at 1:30pm NZST.

Paul Gimbel and Heather Hasz were joined by our Technical Territory Manager Asia Pacific, Ahmed Lasheen.
Ahmed shared this about the event:

“What a great opportunity to meet other DriveWorks drivers from different countries worldwide to see how they are using DriveWorks. It was a great chance for knowledge sharing and for more users to meet the awesome DriveWorks Team!”

Save the Date for the Next Meeting

The next DriveWorks Drivers meetings will take place on September 14th, see you there!

If you have an idea for a future DriveWorks Drivers meeting, please drop us an email at: