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Connecting with DriveWorks Users in the Asia-Pacific Region

Connecting DriveWorks Users from Around the World

The DriveWorks user and reseller communities continue to expand at pace, and we have recently welcomed a number of new and experienced team members to the DriveWorks team.

As part of this growth, we have added team members in other parts of the world, to better support our resellers and customers worldwide. This expansion compliments our strong channel of value-added resellers worldwide, and provides additional support and resources to Heather, who has represented DriveWorks in the USA since 2016.

Connected map of the world

Get to Know Our US and Asia-Pacific Based Team Members


Technical Territory Manager for Asia-Pacific

Lasheen joined the DriveWorks team last year after being a member of the DriveWorks Community for many years. He has a wealth of DriveWorks knowledge and experience. Lasheen is based in New Zealand and works with DriveWorks VARs and customers in Asia-Pacific, encouraging them to connect and share knowledge.


DriveWorks Sherpa

Paul has been a DriveWorks advocate for many years. Paul joined our team last year, bringing a wealth of industry experience and years of accumulated technical knowledge and insight. He is based in Maryland on EST, making it easier for him to connect with Lasheen and others in the Asia-Pacific region.

A photo of Heather from the DriveWorks sales team


Brand & Community Ambassador

Heather has been a member of the DriveWorks team for over 7 years. Heather has been part of the SOLIDWORKS/DriveWorks community since 2008. Heather recently relocated from Massachusetts to Colorado on MST, meaning she is also able to connect easily with Lasheen and users in the Asia-Pacific region.

Join Us at DriveWorks Drivers at 1.30pm NZST

DriveWorks Drivers is our quarterly networking meeting for DriveWorks users to connect, learn and share. The meetings include presentations from the DriveWorks Team and members of the worldwide DriveWorks Community. We host discussions and gather feedback from our users.

We have always held the meetings at 3pm and 9pm UK time, to try and accommodate for as many time zones as possible. However, now we have additional resources in other parts of the world, we can host a meeting at a time that’s even more accessible for DriveWorks users in the Asia-Pacific region.

On Thursday, 15th June, Heather, Paul and Lasheen will be hosting an additional DriveWorks Drivers meeting at 1.30pm NZST. They will be presenting live sessions and sharing some recorded content from the meetings on the 8th of June.

Join in live to ask questions, connect and learn.

Resources to Access at Any Time

Many DriveWorks learning resources are available to access online, at a time that suits you, and no matter your time zone.
Here’s a reminder of some of the resources you can access:

MyDriveWorks Community

Includes all of the resources you need as a DriveWorks user. Download software, explore DriveWorks examples and Tech Tips, access technical learning resources, register for upcoming events.

DriveWorks Learning Portal

The Learning Portal offers a whole host of DriveWorks training courses and resources. The courses cover different topics at different skill levels and are available for you to access at any time.

DriveWorks User Forums

Join the conversations in the DriveWorks Forums to chat with other users from around the world, share tips and solutions. Learn how others are using the software and pick up handy tips.

DriveWorks Help Files

The DriveWorks help files include information, best practices and solutions. They are easy to search so you can learn about a variety of topics and get the help you need, when you need it.